Mg's V-Diet

Well I’m on the beginner program and I started yesterday… By the end of last night I was craving solid food and was wicked happy that peanut butter was in my shake. but I’m now on day two with the measurements from yesterday, one meal left to go and it’s definitely going to be my favorite meal for the next month (excluding the HSM’s).

But As it goes for the NEPA, well I have been walking but my job is working on a horse farm (labor intensive) so I’m wondering if I need to do less or stay the same for my walks just based on the grounds that I’m basically walking all the time at work.

Here are my measurements:
WT: 190.2
HT: 5’7
Neck: 16
Shoulders: 48
Up Chest: 40.5
Low Chest: 37
Navel: 37
Waist at largest: 37
hips: 36
L arm: 13
R arm: 13
L leg: 24.25
R leg: 24.25
L calf: 16.25
R calf: 16.5
L ankle: 10
R ankle: 10

Oh and my digital camera is broken :frowning:

Try the NEPA and see how it goes. I wouldn’t start changing the program until you’ve experienced it. If your having hunger issues later than you can start thinking about cutting back the NEPA.

Congrats on taking the plunge and starting the program.

OK, So day 1-3 are over… literally I’m dreaming of solid food now but still haven’t touched the stuff. The workouts have been fine and am still keeping up with the NEPA.

But feeding myself the meals with the grounded flax seed in them seem to be the worst, I hate that taste and its always a struggle to put it down. But I can already notice a difference in my face (a bit thinner) this usually is where I notice weight loss fist anyways so glad to see my money going to work lol.

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