Metabolic Drive while Working Out?

Q for Chris / all,

I currently drink Surge Workout Fuel during my workout, and MAG-10 after and as my protein.

I’m looking to cut down on my budget. I was thinking of switching to Metabolic Drive Low Carb for my Protein, & Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth instead of the Surge Workout Fuel (also doing this to cut back on carbs & increase protein intake).

My question…Will drinking the Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth cause that bloating/full feeling that most powder drinks give you? That’s the one thing I loved about the Surge Workout Fuel, went down like water.


Metabolic Drive really isn’t a workout drink; it’s a meal replacement designed to use at other times in the day.

Years ago, bodybuilders used standard protein shakes post-lifting, but today we have specialized formulas that work much better. Protein shakes are too “slow” to use an intra-workout fuel. On the other hand, the protein in MAG-10 is comprised of a di- and tripeptide complex that’s transported – requiring no further breakdown – directly into the bloodstream. Very fast-acting, unlike a standard protein shake, which are often designed to be filling. Great for a meal, but not something you want during a squat session!

Also, if your diet plan involves lowering carb intake, it’s best to do that with solid meals. The types of carbs in workout drinks like <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma and MAG-10 basically can’t be stored as fat. In fact, they’re thermic in nature. Long story short, there’s no reason to limit the right types of carbs used as part of your peri-workout supplement plan. (I recently dropped 4 pounds of fat in 8 days and I used Plazma every day.)

That aside, Plazma and MAG-10 will also “go down like water” as you mentioned. As for budget, look into our stacks and multi-unit discounts on those supplements at the <a href=""target=“new”>Biotest Store. We definitely understand budget concerns, but workout nutrition is one area you really don’t want to compromise. Better to cut back elsewhere if you can. You could perhaps stop using protein shakes for now and replace those with solid foods.

Even just two servings of Plazma on lifting days would be far superior to the old Surge Workout Fuel formula. You could skip the post-training MAG-10 pulse for now if the budget demands it and still get better results than your previous plan. Just something to consider. Another budget option would be Anaconda during training.

We just hate to see you miss out on good workout nutrition, even if that means dropping one of our other supplements in order to get it!

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