Metabolic Drive vs MAG-10


I just wanted to have more precision on the role of both supplement.

I use MAG-10 as pulses mostly between meals, at 10:00 am and 3:00 PM on most worday (when I remember!) and 1 or 2 pulses after training, usualy for a total of 3 doses/day. It works great.

I used to drink Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth formula as a meal replacement, mostly for quick breakfast or rigth before bed, I got my proteins and carbs there.

Now that the Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth formula is gone, what’s the difference in the role of taking Metabolic Drive Low Carb vs MAG-10?

Thank you

Both <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 and <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive will help with protein needs of course, but they’re very different products. I think of Metabolic Drive as a meal replacement or an addition to whole food meals (like adding a scoop to oatmeal for a complete breakfast.)

The protein in Mag-10 is comprised of a new di- and tripeptide complex that’s transported – requiring no further breakdown – directly into the bloodstream. And the di-/tripeptide mixture found in Mag-10 produces effects in muscle that are above and beyond simple aminos from other proteins. Peptide structures have biological activities beyond regular amino acids. Tim Patterson notes that only 20 grams of protein from Mag-10 stimulates protein synthesis to a far greater degree than what you’d get from 100s of grams of conventional protein. This is part of what provides the protein pulsing, anabolic effect when used between meals or post-training.

Mag-10 also contains a custom carbohydrate mixture that drives supraphysiologic levels of these di- and tripeptides into the muscle cell. And these carbs are thermic in nature, meaning they can have a fat burning effect and should not be feared by low-carbers.

While I hate calling something as advanced and precise as Metabolic Drive “food”, it’s more in that category compared to Mag-10, which is more of a tactical, anabolic/metabolic spike.

Your plan sounds ideal: a few pulses per day, post-workout and between meals. Some like a pulse before bed or first thing in the AM too if they eat a later breakfast. Use Metabolic Drive as a meal replacer or to add protein to other foods. And since Metabolic Drive is very versatile, you can always add some additional carbs to it if you need them, like berries. Or additional fats, like natural nut butter.

I used to use alot of Metabolic Drive before the latest version of MAG-10 came out. I used Metabolic Drive as Chris indicated, i.e. as an addition to normal meals or standalone meal replacement.

These days, I’m using exclusively MAG-10 for both pulsing AND as an add-on to normal meals; i.e. where before I might have a normal meal + Metabolic Drive, its now normal meal + MAG-10. MAG-10 is not just useful for pulsing.

For me at least, MAG-10 destroys every other protein supplement/replacement on the market; that includes Metabolic Drive as good as that was.

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