Metabolic Drive Shake Before Early Morning Workout?

2nd time around on v-diet (1st time was on old system). I usually work out around 6am.

On the old v-diet, I would have my first shake before lifting and then Surge after. The new program has Plazma before and during. Should I also do my 1st shake before the Plazma, or just Plazma before lifting and breakfast shake after?


Plazma before and during lifting, then Metabolic Drive an hour or so later.

The Plazma has you covered nutritionally, so there’s no super-fast rush to get that first shake in. Having the Metabolic Drive before training could interfere with Plazma doing it’s job as workout nutrition.

Thanks, Chris. Will try this.

Am curious how 3.0 will be, since I felt that the flax seed and nut butter were good fillers during the day, and I hope that the “plain” MB shakes will be filling enough. Also trying Hot-Rox this time (didn’t use last time, but still dropped from 235 to 205 in 4 weeks and reduced body fat %age meaningfully), so we’ll see how that goes.

I hear ya. Play around with the shake consistency - a little less water for a thicker shake or more water for more volume. Also, remember you have the daily HSM to look forward to each night.

Hot-Rox, for me, was a potent appetite suppressant. So that should help too.

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