Metabolic Drive Servings

Hi iv just started the V-Diet this week and been following the Metabolic Drive amounts as stated.
Am I right in thinking that the tub won’t last more than a week with the prescribed amounts ?
I was under the impression it would at least see you through the 4 weeks program?

There are about 30 scoops in a bag and you use 8 scoops per day on the V-Diet.

You bought just one bag of Metabolic Drive? Not sure how you got the impression that would last the whole duration, sorry. You should take a look at the Velocity Diet package which has everything you need bundled together at a savings. There’s a promo code on that page for an even larger discount.

Iv just clicked on that link and seen the package , the email I got sent had no link to direct me to the package , nor does the e book Give you precise amounts to buy . Theres not much I can do now. I’m not going to spend even more money when I could have saved it to begin with il just have to run the diet until it runs out . Bit disappointed with what’s happened as I was looking forward to doing and completing the diet.

Not sure which e-mail you mean, but the package is blatantly listed in the Biotest store along with every other item.

The book says you need 8 scoops of Metabolic Drive per day, plus Plazma, Superfood, and Flameout. How many of those other three supps did you get?

I mean, you certainly still can. You just need to prepare for it. You can also try sending an e-mail to Biotest Customer Service ( to see if they can work out a solution.

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