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I am interested in doing the V-Diet, but I am a little tight on money. I just need to know if I can use the protein shake mix that I have now, instead of having to buy a lot Metabolic Drive. All the nutritional info and supplement facts match up, low carb and everything. So I dont see why there would be a problem using the protein I have for right now instead of going and getting Metabolic Drive. Someone please tell me if there is just some special sercret behind Metabolic Drive on this or they were just pusing Biotest products, since it is the site sponsored store. Any insight on this would be helpful. Thanks

what is the kind you have now?

do you have a whey/casein blend?

You see most proteins are simply whey based which im guessing yours is There are very few whey/casein blend proteins with enough casein to actually speak of other than Metabolic Drive the only other option really is to buy something like Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Casein and mix that evenly with whey and follow all the guidelines with the rest of the diet but Honestly I think the V-Diet should only be done with Metabolic Drive I know its expensive but for the best results use exatly what Chris says and I think youl get the best results!

PS What are your stats this is your first post and your asking about the V-Diet so Im skeptical as to wheither or not you should atempt this as a tool in your fat loss journey!

Seconded. If your protein is not a whey/casein blend, don’t even think about it. Trust me on this, you will fail, and you will fail hard because of the hunger pangs. The main “secret” is micellar casein protein. If your protein that you have now also has casein, then you need to check out how much casein it has–many (not all, but many) whey/casein blends have just enough casein to be able label it on the ingredient list.

Even if you find a blend, make sure you know the casein:whey ratio. Like you, I was tight on money a couple years ago and I tried it with Nitrean, a whey casein blend and I failed miserably. It was about 65:35 whey:casein. I was starving all the time.

You could buy a pure whey and a pure casien and create your own blend, but then IMHO, you are defeating one of the greatest things about the diet, the simplicity. You will have to worry about mixing and ratios.

I personally would wait until you can afford to buy the Metabolic Drive. Your chances of success would be much greater and you will struggle less on the diet.

Just my 2 cents. Best of luck to you with what ever you choose.

[quote]Falco1 wrote:
I personally would wait until you can afford to buy the MD. Your chances of success would be much greater and you will struggle less on the diet.[/quote]


Just buy a bottle of whey and a bottle of casein and sift them together in a 50/50 ratio.

If you do 50/50 you know you’re getting at least as much casein per serving as MD (actually it’ll be more more) because MD has more whey than casein according to the label.

Also, be sure to supplement potassium, since most protein powders do not add this (Metabolic Drive does). I was taking 1800mg per day on the diet.

I dont believe its casin, but it would still work right? i would just be hungry all the time?

Save and do it then. Patience is key.

I am just not a big fan of ordering online and i dont think the protein would make it here by monday. I havent gotten any explaination besides i will just be really hungry if i dont use the Metabolic Drive.

i also realize that the casien helps in anti-catabolic effects, but with the Carbolin 19 and testosterone booster, would i be safe without it

I found a protein blend with whey and micellar casein that has 24g protein, 1g fat, 125 cal, and 4 carbs per scoop. I thought it was ok until i read the above post about the ratio… how can i determine that?

Wow, you just do NOT want to listen, do you?

EDIT: That was directed at the OP.

No, i would just like reason behind an answer

Wait and get the casein protein. Stop setting yourself up to fail. The hunger pangs will most likely make you cave.

And why aren’t you using HOT-ROX?

I have HOT-ROX. just about the only Biotest product you can get at a store.

Is there any real reason for us to answer your question about the casein? You sound like you’re going to do the diet regardless.

Good day to you, madam.

I probably will do the diet regardless because the only thing people can give me is that i will have hunger pains.

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