Metabolic Drive® Protein

zdamons asks:

I have been buying the Metabolic Drive® Protein for years

I have noticed a change in the formula of the Metabolic Drive Protein, specifically vanilla flavor.

The product is no longer like a thick powder but more like very fine powdered sugar. It is actually more difficult to work with. If I breath on it wrong on drop my cup in the bag, a dust of the product floats in the air. I just see $ floating away. It mixes fine, but this is very odd.

Was there a change to the formula, or did I actually get a bad bag of product?

There is no “new and improved” marking so I am thinking maybe by bags are not correct.

We haven’t made any changes to the Metabolic Drive Protein formula. Although the size of the powder particles can vary between batches, this is a cosmetic issue and has no bearing on the quality or effectiveness of the ingredients.

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