Metabolic Drive Protein Questions

I’m wondering why there is not an unflavored version. Why have artificial flavors if you can tolerate unflavored?

Some competitors advertise their protein coming from grass fed cows. Is this marketing hype or is there some advantage? Given Biotest products are first-rate, I am wondering about this.



Because that’s a big if. Plus, I’d expect the majority of people who get “unflavored” protein actually end up adding their own flavoring when they mix up each shake, which adds time, energy, and sometimes calories. Metabolic Drive has literally won awards for tasting great.

Nope, no advantage. Grass-fed beef’s primary benefit is an improved fatty acid profile with more Omega-3s and a better 6:3 ratio than corn-fed. But because protein powder is obviously processed and designed to only extract protein from the milk, none of that healthy fat ends up in the finished product that you shelled out the extra/wasted cash for.

And that’s all presuming what you get actually comes from legit grass-fed cows, not grass-and-corn-fed being passed off as strictly grass-fed, which is common.

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Thanks very much Chris.

On the flavoring, I am moving to Metabolic Drive from another brand that was discontinued. I always used the unflavored version, which was not a problem at all. But with Plazma I always added the flavor and never thought about it, so it should not be a big deal to have protein with flavor.

On the grass-fed, very good info. Thanks. I knew there was a good reason for Biotest not using that, because the products are excellent.

That’s really out of necessity because Plazma and Mag-10 are a bit of a different animal. Hydrolyzed casein, the protein in them, is pretty gnarly when it’s unflavored so it really needs something to cover it up. It’s not “unflavored” as in neutral.

Metabolic Drive is a micellar casein/whey blend, so I’m not sure what “unflavored” would be like. I don’t think the vanilla MD is overpowering by any means, so that’s as close to a “neutral” flavor as it comes. Like, I still switch it up sometimes by tossing in some cinnamon or Superfood or whatever.

What is the expiration date on Metabolic Drive based on the only stamped markings on the bags are manufacturing dates?


Probably best to give a shout to Biotest Customer Service by email ( or phone (800-525-1940) and they can let you know based on the lot number and/or manufacturing date.

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