Metabolic drive Protein Bars?

I can’t find them anymore in the Store. Did Biotest discontinue them. Highly dissapointed if they did. Love those things.

I believe they are being reformulated…one of my favorite bars as well!

Well guys, I have good news and I have bad news.

Good news is that there are still plenty of Finibars around and they’re working on some new protein bars for sometime down the line.

Bad news is that the Metabolic Drive bars are basically gone for now, so we won’t have anymore of that chocolatey goodness. (To be honest, the soft peanut butter MD bar from way back was the best.)

But, yeah, word is they’re going to put together a new bar, just no exact timeframe for when it’ll be out or exactly what it’ll be like. In the meantime, I’d stick with Finibars (not the same macro breakdown, but still plenty useful to have around training) and maybe play around with some Metabolic Drive recipes. Couple of simple looking protein cookie recipes here with, like, 3-5 ingredients each.

Holy jeez, who decided to set the background to white - crazy color for viewing text against - but getting sidetracked.

For those of us flying around NA - that’s a minor disaster - that they have gone :frowning:

No real ready replacement…TSA checks my bag every single time now I carry a bag of Mag10 with me - was using the bars to not have them think I was a cocaine smuggler ^>^

Any suggested bar replacements external; or is such a suggestion barred (no pun intended!)

Those bars really tasted good and they were good to have when it was going to be several hours before I had time to sit down to a cooked meal. Convenient to carry around.

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