Metabolic Drive on V-Diet

Hey Chris,

I’m currently in the middle of day 9 on the V-Diet. Everything’s going well so far. I’ve been sticking to the plan, haven’t missed any shakes or walks or anything, and it’s been easy for me to not crave solid foods or anything so far.

I’ve just got one problem: I’m getting super sick of Metabolic Drive. Not just sick in a literal sense, but kind of physically. It’s getting to the point where just the smell of opening a jar of it makes me want to hurl. The worst is the initial morning shake with the flax and Superfood. Trying to choke that down is becoming a task in itself just because the flavor makes me want to puke.

I’ve got both chocolate and vanilla, I’ve tried mixing in non-caloric items like cinnamon (which helps a little), I even bought noseplugs so I could wear them while drinking and not taste the shake while drinking it. Is there anything else I can do to not have to gag every shake down or should I just tough it out?

Cut the flax down to half and have your Superfood mixed it water in a separate drink.

You may even be able to skip the flax (the stuff just isn’t very palatable) entirely, but I’d try to get it in at least once per day.

  1. Tough it out

  2. Make them thinner, thicker, blend with ice, etc

  3. use davinci sugar/alcohol free syrups.

Cool, I’ll try cutting down on the flax and separating the Superfood. Thanks Chris!

As for making the shakes thinner, I’ve done that before, it just kind of has the same effect since then I’m drinking more throughout the day and it weirds out my stomach. I’ll just stop being a pussy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I blend my shakes THICK. Like milkshake consistency. It sort of dulls the sweetness, and makes them a lot easier to get down (if a bit more time consuming)

Compared to other protein powders, Metabolic Drive is freaking delicious! I did a 30-day Vegan challenge a few years ago that was… well… it certainly put things into perspective.

Hold nose, chug, chase with water or coffee, chew lots of gum, think happy thoughts… --only way I can handle them as well, but the stuff works like a charm, and it’s only a few weeks! I’ve also replaced a few mdrive shakes per day with mag10 pulses (lime being my fav) as that stuff is soooooo good!!

I blend mine thick as well, it’s just too much liquid throughout the day otherwise. I agree that MD tastes better than a lot of other powders, but man does it start to get gross after weeks of nothing but that. :stuck_out_tongue:

So far splitting the MD and Superfood is working well. I seem to handle straight MD a lot better than mixing it with other stuff.

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