Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula


I started the V-Diet 2 days ago, but today I made a crazy discovery…I had bought the Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth formula instead of the low carb formula and their nutrition composition is totally different. The worst part is that I bought the lot for the whole month…I had bought a couple of low carb ones that I started with and just discovered the rest of the lot today, any ideas…Would appreciate your input.



Not sure what to tell you. The V-Diet calculator builds the package for you with Metabolic Drive Carb. You need the Low Carb for the V-Diet. The other formula would also be too much fiber given the number of shakes per day.

Contact Biotest Customer Service and maybe they can help.


Biotest can’t take them back after they have been delivered.( Maybe not even after having been shipped ) Basically you will need to find a way to re-sell the MD Muscle Growth to someone. Most likely people at your gym. However they probably need to know you really well, as I wouldn’t buy MD Growth from just anyone…