Metabolic Drive Fudge


I just made up a recipe for low carb Metabolic Drive peanut butter fudge. Chris is doing a great job pretending to like it.

1/2 C 100% Natural Peanut Butter
1/2 C Fat Free Cream Cheese
1/2 Stick of Smart Balance Omega-3 Butter
1/2 C Splenda
1 Square Unsweetened Baking Chocolate
3 Scoops Chocolate Metabolic Drive
Davinci Sugar-Free Syrup (peanut butter flavor) as needed
Shredded Coconut to sprinkle

  1. On low heat, melt peanut butter and butter together in small pot
  2. Add the square of chocolate
  3. In separate bowl, combine cream cheese, Splenda and Metabolic Drive
  4. Once peanut butter mixture is melted together, pour into cream cheese mixture
  5. Mix together until the cream cheese is melted, and add a dash of Davinci
  6. Spray small bread or baking pan with non stick cooking spray
  7.  Spoon in fudge mixture 
  8.  Sprinkle with tons of coconut
  9.  Freeze for a couple hours


Hello Mrs. Shugart! Thanks for the recipe.


Hmmm interesting recipe, my husband and his sweet tooth thank you very much! Will report back with the results after we make it this weekend.


I experimented with it again last night and found that it’s better with half the butter and twice the FF cream cheese.


Thanks Mrs Shug! :slight_smile: Will have to make this weekend.




YUM! Making tomorrow.


Made this fudge last night with toasted coconut on top…good stuff!

Thanks for the recipe.


Made this last night also and it is pretty rockin’, some more perfecting to be done on my part but it is real good— thanks for this.


Wow, they look great!
I have a similar recipe that i use

1 cup of raw oats
1/2 cup of rough chopped almonds
1/2 cup of walnut peices
1/2 cup of dried blueberries
1/4 cup of maca powder
1/4 cup of camu camu powder
1/2 cup of shredded coconut
1/2 cup of hemp hearts
1/4 cup of raw cacoa powder
A tablespoon of cinnamon
1 tablespoon of ground ginger
Mix dry ingredients

(if you want to add protein powder, just adjust the moisture content later on)

Warm up 1/4 cup of coconut oil
mix with 1/2 cup of organic peanut or almond butter
If it’s not sweet enough, add some blue agave syrup or raw honey
(and some vanilla if so inclined!)

add to dry ingredients
add a little applesauce or greek yogurt to get the consistency you want. Not runny, firm
Press into a small pan refrigerate until set.


Thanks for testing it out for me (Weevo, N8tive, Corst, and TIm)! And Timmyo, that looks amazingly decadent.


You have some great recipes and food concepts on here. I love it. Thanks for posting them!


Finally found the right texture and flavor for low carb fudge.

Here’s the new recipe:

2 squares unsweetened baking chocolate
1/3 C Peanut butter
1/3 C Smart Balance omega-3 butter
1/2 C Splenda
1/4 C Sour Cream
2 Scoops chocolate Metabolic Drive
Dash of salt
Heavy whipping Cream (as needed)
Shredded coconut or chopped nuts to sprinkle

  1. On low heat, melt peanut butter and butter together in small pot
  2. Add the squares of chocolate
  3. In separate bowl, combine Metabolic Drive, Splenda, salt, and sour cream
  4. Once peanut butter mixture is melted together, combine and stir into with Metabolic Drive mixture
  5. Add a little heavy whipping cream. Just enough to make it slightly thicker than cake batter. It may not need much.
  6. Layer foil onto a small bread pan
  7. Spread fudge mixture on top
  8. Sprinkle with coconut or chopped nuts and freeze for two hours or until solid