Metabolic Drive Expiration?

So I was reorganizing my supplement cabinet (yes, I have a whole cabinet) and found an opened bag of vanilla Metabolic Drive tucked in the back, which is about 2/3 full.

The manufacture date on the bag is Jan 2018, and I think it’s been open since mid 2018. It smells just fine, and it’s been sealed and stored away from heat and light, but I was wondering - is there any official recommendation on Metabolic Drive longevity once opened? I really hate throwing it out, of course.


Ha, same. I have a bookcase of supplies in the basement and a few shelves of a cabinet in the kitchen.

I wanna say I saw somewhere in the neighborhood of two years, but I’m not positive so don’t take as official. I’m currently working through some bags manufactured in 2019.

Whey and casein are, after all, dairy-based so it’s probably best to err on the safest side. You could also shoot an e-mail or call into Biotest Customer Service ( or 800-525-1940) to see if they can give you a more specific idea based on the lot number or something.

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