Metabolic Drive Delay. Alternatives?


Hi Chris,

I appreciate all your quick responses about things, it really makes this diet a lot more manageable having an expert on hand to answer questions!

We have a bit of a situation. We were supposed to receive a shipment of Metabolic Drive today, but fedex is now estimating that it will arrive on Monday. We don’t have enough to make it through the whole weekend. Are there any alternatives you can suggest to make it through? I think we have enough Metabolic Drive to last through Saturday, so we need to figure out alternatives for all Sunday meals and the first 3 Monday meals (8 meals total).

We appreciate any helpful ideas you may have!


PS: We are definitely going to order the rest we need for the diet now…don’t want to run into this situation again!


Well, there’s no equal to Metabolic Drive. There’s some VERY questionable stuff out there. But look for something low carb (no soy) and that uses both whey and casein. A whey-only supplement will absorb too fast and leave you starved.


Just a thought, but couldn’t you mix a quality low-carb whey protein with a low-carb casein protein and maybe add some BCAA’s in? Probably expensive, but it could get you through the weekend.


Thanks! That’s a good idea and probably what we will do. Not ideal, but it will do in a pinch.