Metabolic Drive Bar in the Morning?

My work out days, I always consume a Finibar. On my non-workout days in the am, I have also been
consuming a Finibar, when my schedule does not allow time for breakfast.

My question, should I give
consideration to Metabolic Drive Bar in am, on non workout days?
I look forward to hearing from you. Fred

Yes, the differing nutrient profile (a little more protein and substantially less carbs) can sometimes be more suited to the need of the moment or day.

[quote]Senior wrote:
My question, should I give
consideration to Metabolic Drive Bar in am, on non workout days?[/quote]
Hi Fred. Like Bill said, some of the differences between the Finibar and the Metabolic Drive bars are the total calories, total carbs/sugar, and protein. And having a little less calories, less carbs, and more protein usually makes more sense on days you’re not training or not as active.

In the picture above, the Finibar label is on top and the Metabolic Drive label is on the bottom, so you can get a better idea of the comparison.

Metabolic Drive bars used to be the go-to meal replacement bars, and they’re still great for that because they’re a little bit higher fiber and the actual proteins used are different (slower digesting). But plenty of people do use one (or two!) Finibars as a kind of meal replacement even though they’re “technically” performance bars.

The good news is that there’s not really a “right or wrong” answer. If you’ve been using the Finibars, maybe try some Metabolic Drive bars and see if they fill you up more on non-training days.

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