Metabolic Drive and HOT-ROX in Canada?


I know that some V-Dieters are canadians. I am from Quebec city. Last year, I tried to order both products directly from Biotest and was unable to get them. I don’t think that coach Christian Thibaudeau is the supplier for Quebec !!!

So, how guys do you get your products ? I have tried to combine whey protein isolate and casein from XPN but the taste made me throw up ! Regarding HOT-ROX, unable to find a similar product here.

Thanks for your help.

Hi,im from montreal, I ordered MOST of the package…dont tell Chris and i got my confirmation for the Superfood,Flameout and leucine.

as for HOT-ROX, there is a way to make a tame version with out canadian market.

I can’t see any reason why Metabolic Drive would be denied entry to Quebec. HOT-ROX maybe, if it was a fluke, but not Metabolic Drive. Even still, I doubt the scrutiny between Ontario and QC customs would be that different. Try it again and see what happens. I’ve ordered every “illegal” supplement on this site and always received it. Thanks Biotest btw.

heck…i got some DREN and oxylitepro from …took 11days but this got it.

Thanks a lot. I will give it a try again. I will looking for oxylitrepro at Popeye’s and GNC.

!! ps; oxylite pro vient de 10-11jours pour livraison
et jai recus mes HOT-ROX extreme(2bouteilles) de Biotest!! je vais les essayer demain et je vous en repparlle

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