Metabolic Drive and ElitePro Mineral - Do Not Take Together?

I saw the recent article by Paul Carter, Tip: How Much Protein Should I Eat? He recommends taking a casein protein before bed, like Metabolic Drive. I thought I recall seeing an article that said you souldn’t take calcium around the same time as Magnesium. I usually take my ElitePro Mineral and a Z12 before bed to promote deep sleep. So, should those NOT be taken together or is there a different strategy?

Thanks for any advice.

Maybe if I took the Metabolic Drive an hour before bed that would work and then took the ElitePro Mineral immediately before bed. How fast does the Metabolic Drive clear out of the gut?

I had read the same…I believe, if I recall correctly, that you should leave about a half an hour to an hour in between.

That would be fine. ElitePro uses chelated forms of the minerals for improved absorption, so you’re covered there.

It’s designed to be slower digesting, but between the low dose of calcium it contains and the fast-absorbing ElitePro, it’s not a major concern at all.

Great, thank you.

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