Mercedes & James V-Diet Log, Start 4/26/09

My bf and I are starting V-Diet today, took pics and measurements this morning. Im so totally pumped to say farewell to the love handles! Im doing this for an aesthetically pleasing body but also to kick start becoming significantly stronger so I can preform at the highest level in my martial arts.

I wanna see some vast improvements and hopefully be a lil more intimidating to my opponents! I also want to make it to the next level in my system before I go to LA to train with the big guns, and more muscle should help that.

Ive got goals and will make 'em happen!!

Made my first shake, it tastes like banana cake batter when you make it thick, not nearly as bad as I thought it might be. :slight_smile: Had to do an archeological dig to find all the scoopers though…

Pics are on their way :slight_smile:

This is true. I’ve found a fork works great - it’ll move through the powder but still catch the scoop.


[quote]Nevr2Big wrote:

This is true. I’ve found a fork works great - it’ll move through the powder but still catch the scoop.


yea I tried w/ a knife and failed :frowning:

Ha - I can picture it: “There it is, almost got it…damn!”


Shoulders: 12 5/8
Upper chest: 39 1/8
Lower chest: 29 7/8
According to precision nutrition guide : 31 5/8
Smallest point: 27 7/8
Widest point/ love handles: 34 7/8

Upper arm R: 11
Upper arm L: 11
Mid Thigh R (snow board leading leg): 21 1/2
Mid Thigh L: 21 3/8
Upper thigh R: 23 1/2
Upper thigh L: 24
Calf R: 14 1/8
Calf L: 14 1/8
Ankles: both 8

oh right …

Height: 5’ 5’'
Weight: 136
body fat…not sure

Nice MD castle you got going on in your kitchen. Will it be like that for the next 4 weeks?

[quote]jo3 wrote:
Nice MD castle you got going on in your kitchen. Will it be like that for the next 4 weeks?[/quote]

Maybe, I’m usually a neat freak, but I don’t know where else we’d put it. Its outta the way there since we wont really be sitting at the counter eating everyday now :slight_smile: Plus its kinda motivating, and since it will get smaller as the weeks go on, it’ll be another form of visible progress.

[quote]Nevr2Big wrote:
Ha - I can picture it: “There it is, almost got it…damn!”[/quote]

The fork worked very well, thank you, I didn’t get lost in the protein powder blizzard this time :slight_smile:

So day 2 is here, my stomach is holding up, Im proud of it after being so sensitive for so long. Work outs yesterday felt a little funny, so will be doing some research on that, maybe get someone in the know to observe and report the condition of my form. James got crazy nauseous yesterday but he chugged some h20 and made it through.

Feeling good so far but waiting for the calorie deficit to kick in, I hear it takes a few days or so. Im not sleeping well unfortunately, Ive been crazy hot and the heart rate is going crazy…

Off to study for my three exams this week… hey at least no time will be wasted on making food! (just on surfing t nation instead…)

Ooooo! and tummy is looking mucho flatter…very encouraging to see. Weight was down by 4 lbs too but I fluctuate a lot so I wont weigh in again till sunday…Ill do a once a week kinda thing to be fairer to myself.

Mercedes welcome! You and your boyfriend have the same start date as my boyfriend and I! I feel you on the no sleep thing but I tried Biotest’s Z-12 and it works like a dream! (you also get no side effects from it and you feel well rested) I couldn’t sleep the first night but I took 2 pills of Z-12 last night and got a blissful full 8 hours in. Good luck with everything you can do it!

Since I should have taken care of this several days ago, here it is.

Weight: 208.5 lbs
Height: 5’11
All in inches.
Neck: 15 3/8
Shoulders: 49
Upper Chest: 44 1/4
Lower Chest: 38 3/4
Waist: 40
Hips: 43
R Upper Arm: 13 7/8
L Upper Arm: 14 1/8
R Thigh: 26
L Thigh: 26
R Calf: 16 3/4
L Calf: 16 3/4
R Ankle: 9 1/4
L Ankle: 9 1/4

If I had to select goals for this, it is simply to reduce body fat / weight quickly. The standard body comp change goals. With the taste palate change being something that I am quite looking forward too, I can eat healthy, but it takes a lot of discipline to eat veggies consistently, and I do not like fruit as it is. So hoping this will make it significantly easier to do (because a diet of just meat isn’t completely healthy).

The long term (after V-Diet) is to increase, speed, endurance, strength, and minimally, size. Primarily to increase health and build a better body. In less specific terms I want to be able to have control of and be able to move my entire body freely with arms or legs in whatever (normal) manner is required at optimal efficiency.

Any other goals are quite secondary, but I am quite sick of carrying around extra weight (what a waste of energy). I have lurked on this website for over a year and have learned quite a bit, there are some exercises that I am still not comfortable with (any variation on deadlift basically, don’t like low back pain) but that will come in time.

I am substituting back squat for dumbbell squat due to being unable to get a big enough dumbbell.
Day 1:
Back Squat Weight: 225
Reps: 8, 6, 6, 2, 5, 4, 1, 3, 1
Flat Bench (Dumbbell) Weight: 50/ea
Reps: 5, 6, 6, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5
Bent Over Row (Dumbbell) Weight: 55 then 60 will change to 65 next exercise (too light).
Reps: 10, 8, 7, 7, 8
Plank 1: 60 seconds
Plank 2: 45 seconds

Day 3:
Romanian Deadlift Weight: 125
Reps: 15, 13, 14, 11

Lat Pulldown Weight: 100
Reps: 14, 9, 8, 5, 7, 6, 4

Shoulder Press (Barbell) Weight: 70
Reps: 14, 9, 6, 5, 6, 5

L1: 32
R1: 35
L2: 25
R2: 27

The exercises are pleasingly difficult, and my quads are still quite sore from the squats the first day (by and far my favorite exercise though). Though I had an issue with both the squat and the deadlift.
I came out of the sets with a headache across the back of my head that almost stopped me the first day, the romanian deadlift one wasnt as bad.

Usually I get these when I tense up really tight or don’t breath, except I haven’t had that problem in quite a while (learned how to not strain my neck that much). And unfortunately the remnants of said headache lasted through the rest of the workout and part of the evening. Hopefully this isn’t a recurring problem and I just did accidentally tense up while doing the reps.

good luck to the 2 of you.

Be strong and rock this shit guys.

Thanks for the encouragement guys!!!

Speaking of encouragement or lack there of… So I had some personal trainer chick at my gym (a local YMCA) check my form on a dead lift and such the other day and naturally she asked about my program. Long story short, she reacted with what I expected- ignorant distrust. Then she went and told her gym buddy who told his gym buddy, it was like high school, what a joke… even worse, when I saw her again, she tried to get me not to do it (knowing I had already started), but still had not gone on to T-Nation and checked it out for herself!!! gah talk about toxic people

But on the note of not toxic people, most of my coworkers and even my mom (all middle aged cranky women, Im not saying the terms are synonymous, but unfortunately in many cases where I work, they go hand in hand) are being supportive. It would suck if they were jerks about it, because when you spend eight hours a day with someone who disagrees with you…it can be ruff.

On a side note though, Ive also seen alot of these same women play what I have begun to call the debilitate-my-co-worker game. It goes like this; you and all your girl friends complain about your weight, then someone gets the novel idea of ‘Oh! We should all try the atkinsweightwatchersyoyograpefruiteatnothing diet together!!! We could support each other and exchange recipes!!’ Uh huh…and two weeks later during your weight watchers meeting the ‘leader’ order three large pizzas and wings with bluecheese. No one looses weight and they all get bored, resulting in the group spending their time whining about their weight again…really no different than any other lunch hour.

Or then theres my favorite example of the game, and this particular strategy makes the game an immediate success; when one woman actually LOSES weight, the rest of the group gets insecure about their own obvious failure and begins spreading rumors about how her success can only be attributed to purging and not eating, etc. Then this poor sap feels bad about her success, and gains back not only the weight she lost but another ten to help her get through the stress of her boss calling her in to her office and trying to send her to a therapist. This is a TRUE story!!! How terrible. So needless to say I was a bit worried, but they havent bothered me one bit:) Now I surmise this may be for several reasons but its probably due to the fact that my mom is practically their boss and neither of us take this kind of crap from anyone. It could also be due to the fact that I have made it clear that I wont partake in their game, so maybe there are rumors, but they arnt getting back to me. I find the whole system of women competing appalling. My point being…

I send a shout out to ALL the T-Nation and figure athlete women for getting out there and doing it and making thier dream bodies realities!!! Not wasting away in some office lunch room gossiping about Sally and her vanity because she chose the salad and weight room instead of fries and a movie. You girls are the kind of people I want to be around, and its so encouraging to read all your posts!

V-Diet note: 3rd day, staying strong, tummy hasnt hurt at all today and the workout hurt so good! Night night…awwwww James made me my shake :slight_smile:

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