Mental Fogginess


I wanted to post to see what other peopleâ??s opinions are to the mental fogginess that I might feel while on the VDiet. Iâ??ve done the diet twice (both prior to version 3.0) and was working long hours which were great in providing distraction.
So the real reason I am posting is that I am motivated to do the VDiet again for a 10 year reunion with some friends in July and I want to be my total best for that reunion.

Two of my friends I met 10 years ago (when I was 350lbs) are meeting me for a reunion in Banff Alberta. I havenâ??t seen either guy in at least 5 years and I want to be even more awesome for the reunion than I am now and recharge my training/brain. So the reason I am asking about fogginess is that I didnâ??t have to worry last time but I have signed up for a conference and course for school that land right in the middle of my plan. I donâ??t have enough time to do the V-Diet before or after. Basically I have at minimum 4 days where I need to be smart and focussed, and not obsessed with food to an almost explicit level.

So Iâ??m curious as to peopleâ??s mental awareness experiences while on the V-Diet. I know the diet is hard, and certainly canâ??t be easier than the first two times I did it. Iâ??m pretty sure that I am just going to do it and do my best to deal with it. At the very least I might just play around with an extra HSM to ensure I can get the most out of the courses I want to take. If I really canâ??t do it, Iâ??ll just work my ass off until the meeting day and then do the V-Diet after my reunion.


Well, some people don’t feel mental fogginess at all with lower carbs diets; some even feel more focused and energetic, probably because their blood sugar levels have stabilized.

But if you do, and you’re a V-Diet Vet – which means you’ve earned some wiggle room – then you may consider making those few days into HSM days with each HSM containing a few good carbs – sweet potato, oatmeal, a little rice, piece of fruit, or something potable like a Metabolic Drive bar if you’re in a conference all day.

Power Drive is a great mental focus supplement too you can sip on those days:

Keep us updated on your choice!


Yeah I’m pretty foggy on this diet. Also easily distracted and forgetful. I think its just that I’m so used to loading carbs around my workouts, and with the VDiet Im only getting a quarter of what I’m used to. My HSM day is the mentally clearest day I’ve had so far…


Tip: Sip some of your Surge serving just before and during your workout if that helps with workout focus. You don’t have to wait until after for all of it.


I think when going to low carb many people will feel foggy for a while untill the body adapts to it :slight_smile: