Mental Focus, Body Temp at End of V-Diet


Today is the last day of my 2-week transition after my V-Diet. I made some modifications to the plan (followed Dan John’s 40-day workout plan, lifted 6 days a week - I actually found the V-Diet because of Dan’s 40 days article) and these were concious decisions and I am aware of the potential drawbacks (ie. possibly not as much fat loss).

In any case, I am very satisfied with my progress and it is the best body recomposition I went through in my life. My scale weight only dropped about 4 lbs but I lost fat and gained muscle at the same time. So, overall I am all praises for the diet. Much thanks Chris.

On to my real question. I workout 6 mornings a week, following Dan John’s 40 days program. I always work out before my breakfast shake, sort of like a replacement for the morning walk. Then after my workout I would take a surge recovery (3x a week) or the vdiet breakfast shake.

I noticed that initially, I felt really shitty working out in the mornings without food. I felt really low on energy and workouts took longer than expected. However, this past few days, my morning-overnight-fasted workouts felt pretty good. I have mental focus and I get really hot and sweat is dripping off my body onto the floor. I feel in the zone and my workouts also complete faster. It’s not due to the HOT-ROX because I’ve always taken it from the start and actually this morning I didn’t take it because it ran out.

I have several guesses but I’d like your opinion:

  1. body is more efficiently using fat for morning fasted workout
  2. I am consuming more carbs (diet has been rather strict and clean, however there is a little carb in HSMs eg. potatoes, beans, vegs, fruits…)
  3. body/mind has simply adapted to working out in the morning/fasted and has nothing to do with fat or carb utilisation.

Let me know what you think?


All of those could be possible. Sometimes having clean carbs before bed makes morning training okay since your glycogen stores are tanked up.

Generally speaking, weight training when fasted isn’t optimal. You’d get much better results with something like Anaconda or MAG-10 in you. Cardio or conditioning work only is fine on an empty stomach, though there’s much debate about whether that actually leads to faster fat loss. (I always take a hit of MAG-10 before morning conditioning work.)

There is a certain “high” that comes from fasted training, sort of a cleansing-like effect or feeling. But we know now that it’s better to fuel those workouts. Liquids are great for this and the workout nutrition formulas are now better than Surge Recovery: I think you would get that “metabolic high” feeling AND maximize results from the training with these.


Awesome, thanks for the feedback Chris. Also, are you suggesting for general training, not on the vdiet, to replace SWF(pre) and Surge Recovery(post) with Mag10+Anaconda from pre to post-workout?


Yes. They are the most updated, advanced workout supps Biotest has to offer.

The Surge products are great, of course, but the new Anaconda and MAG-10 have raised the bar and contain the most cutting edge ingredients. Honestly, I only use the new stuff now.


Thanks again Chris! I’ll miss the Surge Recovery Chocolate!