Melmenj's Training Log


I have decided to keep an online training log here. I have all my training logged on my Mac calendar. I have started the V-Diet and I’m on Day 4. I figured this would be the perfect time to keep track of my training and diet. The diet is well…predictable.

My training log is something else.

A little bit about me. I’m 35, about 170 starting weight. I have been strength training for about a year now. I have the foundation of the 5X5 program. A steady diet of back squats, deadlifts, bench press and overhead pressing. I have also started doing the Olympic lifts.

Friday Training: Deadlifts

375X1 PR!

(Pics to come keep posted!)


So… you are not doing the prescribed training program for the V-Diet?


V-Diet training log. The diet is going well, I’m on Week 2. I have noticed that I feel lighter and faster at just about everything. My first HSM was T-bone steak with veggies take out from IHOP, which was awesome! I will make Saturday my HSM day. My starting weight was 170 pounds. I’m at 164 now, my BF% is about 12% or so, it was at 19% two months ago! My goals are simple to increase my strength in my key lifts and get Ultra Lean!

Monday’s Labor Day training:

Hang Snatch + Overhead Squats.

Tuesday training following 5/3/1 principles. Incline Bench Press Week 4 Deload.

115X10! (Work set)

13X w/45’ Dips + 1 Negative
10X Chin-Ups
5X Pull-Ups + Hanging knee raise

I do some of the exercises in the Advanced Program; however I spread it out over five days. I have limited training time at the gym. I only train for 45 minutes. I stick with the most bang for you buck exercises. I like to keep track of my progress and I also like to add new movements like the Hand Walkouts from toes, those are cool. Handstand Pushups you are next!


Wednesday training Front Box Squats

This was a killer set! I was super focused and I felt great afterwards. I drank my Surge Recovery right away to let the healing begin, and then followed that up with five liver tablets to maintain positive nitrogen balance. Two hours later had my normal MD shake. I was wondering if maybe I should consume this meal earlier to have more synergistic powerful effect with the Surge Recovery.

7 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Pre-Workout Meal
12-1 PM Training
1 PM PWO Meal Surge Recovery
3 PM Mid-Afternoon Meal
6 PM Dinner
9 PM Pre-Bedtime Meal
10-30 PM Sleep

Coming up next time…Measurements!


Edit follows


Today’s training the Snatch.
115X 1/5 Singles!

So this means one set of five singles. The rest periods are getting shorter. Nice weight progression. I have been getting better at Rope Jumping too, seems like its better off the carpeting than the hardwood floor. Also rope jumping using Oly shoes does make them more fun. The set went great, nailed them all! The snatch executed off the floor. I use Oly bumper plates to get the correct height. I wanted to concentrate more on my technique and speed above all else. Funny thing, a callus on my left hand was left dangling, good thing it did not rip apart at the gym!

Now about the diet, I ran out of MD so I will take an additional Surge Recovery this one time. I was hoping the additional MD milk chocolate would arrive in time. I have banana, strawberry and milk chocolate at home. I like to alternate in that order. Unsalted natural PB and chocolate MD are just awesome! Kind of like a nighttime treat.

Tip! Go see your dentist.

One more thing I went to the dentist yesterday and had my teeth deep cleaned. The new taste buds are so sensitive!


Friday: The Deadlift
1X385 PR! PR! PR! Mixed Grip

Today my scale said 161! My diet is on the money! I do not use any stimulants. I have been getting leaner and stronger. I have noticed plenty of new muscle definition. My back is getting all muscular and crazy looking :wink: This is what Precision Pulling is all about. I use the Hook Grip for my entire warm up sets and switch to a Mixed Grip for Maximal attempts.

Starting Measurements:

Scale Weight: 170
BF: 12%
Neck: 15 1/4
Chest: 38
Right Arm: 14 1/4
Left Arm: 14 1/4
Waist: 32 1/4
Right Calf: 14
Left Calf: 14
Right Thigh: 22 1/2
Left Thigh: 22 1/4
Hips:( at widest) 33 1/4

What will the end result be?


Scale weight 159 OMG :slight_smile:

I have been sticking with the V-Diet as planned minus the stimulants. I just recently started using Barleans Organic Flax Seed Oil. It’s fresh, fat stuff. I had my HSM this Saturday. It was 2 Cornish Chickens with Broccoli. Those are some small ass chickens! Yes they were yummy!

My Macbook Pro died out on me :frowning:

I have been without my Mac for several days now. It’s hard to live without it; I will get my MBP repaired. It has all my training logs, Good thing I have a picture of my calendar training on my phone. Plus I have this online log as “backup”

Monday’s training Hang Snatch + Overhead Squats

Tuesday’s training Incline Bench Press 5/3/1 Cycle II

14X Pull ups / 5X Chin ups End Set

Today’s Training Front Box Squats


Thursday: The Snatch

I’m halfway done on the V-Diet, so far so good baby!

Started a new exercise: Hip Thrusts, nice! My MBP is still out getting repaired. I have the same music tracks on IPod…maybe it’s time for a new red shiny IPod?



Friday: The Snatch Grip Deadlift from a 4" deficit.

Wow! It will take a week to recover. This is a new movement for me using “the step” aerobic box which is approximately 4 inches in height. This is a killer pulling movement. Not for the faint hearted.

The diet has been going great, what else would you expect?

I did this last night instead of my usual pre-bed meal using PB.

Recipe: Add one whole avocado to your vanilla flavor Metabolic Drive, 16 Oz. water, three ice cubes and blend, drink away! I had done this before the V-Diet using whole milk and plain yogurt, that’s even more rich tasting. Yumm!


Monday: Training Hang Snatch + Overhead Squats

I went to my brother’s BBQ this past weekend and I had my HSM this Saturday, it was Carne Asada Tacos! That’s right, with guacamole, radishes and some strawberries and grapes to help fill things out. I also had a pink lemonade, no beer. It was good food, cannot wait to eat like this again, it was healthy solid meal.

…and now back to the Grind.


Tuesday: Incline bench press

10X Dips w/ 45 plate

10X Chin ups

Scale weight hasn’t changed recently but I’m feeling and looking better. I have noticed new muscles in my legs that have popped out of the blue, must be those OHS. My skin feels taut and has a very nice sheen to it. I have been getting many compliments recently :wink:


Wednesday Training Front Box Squats
215X1 PR!

Soon it will be time to switch back to regular front squats. The transition phase will soon begin too, I can’t wait to start that.


Thursday: The Snatch

I was feeling good and super focused. My technique and speed has improved. Soon I will be snatching my body weight; it’s just a matter of time. I have been researching the nutritional information found at Dr. John Berardi’s website, an excellent source of nutritional information.


Friday: Snatch Grip Deadlift from a 4" Deficit


No straps, no shoes, no belt, no problem. Talk about a shock to the CNS!

I’m looking forward to one HSM per day starting next Monday. It will be easy; perhaps the easiest part of the V-Diet.

Pictures coming soon!


The World Famos Before Picture :slight_smile:

Here are some of my starting pics.


Day 1

By your Side Baby!


Ten days later


19 Days later


21 Days later

Final pics coming soon