Measurements Getting Me Confused


Chris I’m a little confused and need some help. So I’ve been in my fat loss phase since April 16. I’ve been taking measurements of my chest, waist, and hips, along with body weight, every Monday morning since I started. There has been steady progress, measurements going down and looking a lot leaner.

Since May 21 though, measurements have stopped going down, but I still appear to be getting leaner. I don’t know if I actually am getting leaner though cause the numbers are off. Here is a link to some info that would probably be helpful to know


May 21-chest 41.5"
waist 34"
hips 40.5"

May 28-chest 42.25"
waist 34.5"
hips 40.5

June 3-chest 42"
waist 34"
hips 41"

Weight has gone from 218 at the start down to 209 on May 21 and has remained at 209 since.


Forgot to ask my question haha…So I don’t know if I am actually getting leaner or not. Is there a better way that I can track my progress?? Is there anything that you would change to maybe better my results? Thanks in advanced.


You could be gaining muscle. This can really increase measurements in the chest, arms, upper legs etc. Your waist measurements are more accurate for body fat loss (assuming that’s your trouble area.)

Looking at your pics, I just don’t think you have much fat to lose in other areas and muscle gains will throw those numbers off a little for leaner people.

You may just need to increase extra activity - toss in some springs, battle ropes, sled work etc.

and while some fruit is fine, many get stalled with just a little, so drop fruit for a while if needed.


Ok thanks Chris, I really appreciate your help.


Would lemons/limes and tomatoes be ok?


No problem.


Added carbs back into the diet 2 weeks ago. Since then have dropped 6lbs and 1% bf and took an inch off my waist.