Measurements and Future Goals

Hi Chris,

I thought I would post this as both a question and good bit of information for other

I just completed week 2 and things are going good, I’m down 14lbs so far.

My question lies in the measurements. Compared to 2 years ago at the same weight, all of my measurements are near identical except for my shoulders which have gained 2 inches and my neck has lost an inch. I know I have gotten much stronger, so my question, is this normal? especially in strength oriented people?

and would this be a good way to gauge your training and future goals. For example it’s good that I’ve gotten stronger at the same weight, but I clearly don’t spend much time in the hypertrophy rep range.

So to continue getting stronger, keep it up, but if I want to get bigger, I need some higher reps in my routine.

Does that sound like proper reasoning?

Very complex question. You’re assuming that you need high reps for hypertrophy, but high set, low rep plans work for that too (8 x 3 from Waterbury for example.)

As for the shoulder and neck measurement, sound like you’ve gained muscle and lost fat (fat loss actually starts at the chin and neck for most people then woks its way down, so to speak.)

So If I were to simply up the volume of my workouts I could expect to see more hypertrophy along with continued increases in strength?

The news about my measurements is good, I think anyone would be happy to get stronger and lose fat, hopefully next time it won’t take me 2 years to make the circle.

Probably. And of course nutrition play a role.

If all else fails, just adopt one of our hypertrophy focused program in the archives. I’d suggest one of Thibaudeau’s plans.

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