Meals on V-DIet Lite

Just curious how many meals you are suppose to eat in between your two shakes? It sounds like shake, lunch shake before bed but that does not seem like enough calories. I may not be reading it throughly either.

I have been trying to get the GF to get on the V-Diet with me but she will not. I have convinced her to try the V-Diet Lite. I am hoping that when she sees the great results, it will motivate her to try the real thing.

Meal 1: Low-Carb Metabolic Drive shake
Meal 2: Healthy solid meal
Meal 3: Healthy snack
Meal 4: Healthy solid meal
Meal 5: Low-Carb Metabolic Drive shake

That’s pulled from the Velocity program for the lite version. It’s not bad either. Helps prevent over eating at night, and if your one of those people who are lazy in the morning it helps there as well. After a full V-Diet though, poor food choices aren’t really a problem for me…really just the overeating which I focused on this time around.

Took me long enough to find that! I read the Lite version again and did not see that in there. Finally I read the whole V-Diet 3.0 article again but this time went through the helpful hints. Finally found it!

Thanks for the help man.

I will not be able to work out during this. Biking and walking are the exceptions. About 6 weeks ago I had surgery to repair a slap tear II on my right shoulder. So upper body lifting is out of the question until summer time if I am lucky. But I plan on running this for a month, take a month break (or just stay on it), then hit the V-Diet around April 15. Would you think that would be worth to run the V-Diet if I cannot lift?

Another option is all shakes but an HSM at night, if you can control nighttime eating, which is tough for some.

I can’t answer if it’s the best idea to do the diet without lifting, but my personal thoughts are it would be a great way to keep your diet in check while you can’t lift. I know I would probably slip up on the food choices while I’m out of the gym for an extended period of time.

Also, you have to take a break between V-Diets and you don’t want to do one any longer than it was intended. I believe a 6 week break between each was mentioned if you do plan on doing more than one. Might be somewhere in the article, but it’s certainly in a few logs of veteran V-Dieters.

[quote]kjscatch wrote:
Would you think that would be worth to run the V-Diet if I cannot lift?[/quote]

I think replacing a few meals per day with Metabolic Drive would be an easy way to control food intake. Not sure if you need the full V-Diet though. The “100 Gram Carb Cure” plan found in the archives may be a good option too.

I will check out the 100 Gram Carb Cure. I do think I will stick with the V-Lite for now and just watch my carb intake after 6pm.

I know my body and what I need to lose weight but that is when I have no restrictions. Been out of the weightroom since October with this injury. Wish I would have had surgery in October when it first happened. Now at the moment, all I can do is ride the stationary bike and walk so diet is going to be really key for me for the next 3 months. I am hoping to at least be able to ride the elliptical in a couple weeks if I can get cleared from the Dr. I am just playing things safe.

Thanks for the advice KcThrows and Chris!

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