Meal Timing Before Plazma


With school and work, there may be periods where I go a little longer without eating prior to my workout. If I haven’t eaten for a few hours but have Plazma will this completely suffice for preventing catabolism and promoting anabolism? I’m talking 3+ hours. Next order I make I’m getting some Finibars to eliminate this problem. Thanks guys!


Yes it will for sure. Going “catabolic” isn’t really something you need to worry, about unless your overall daily calories are extremely low and it’s been a long while since you’ve eaten. Even at that point, it’s not like you’re losing significant muscle tissue. You may feel like you are if you’re hungry, but you’re not. To really go catabolic to the point you’d need to worry about losing actual lean tissue, you’d have to be bed-ridden for a while, or eating next to nothing. You’re not going to lose muscle if you go over 3 hours without eating. Folks do IF and go 16+ hours without eating and are not losing muscle tissue.

If you’re worried about it, definitely have a Finibar between classes, or a protein shake and some mixed nuts or something. I personally like to have 1 Finibar pre workout, plus Plazma during. What matters most is your total cals and carbs. So, whether you have 1 Finibar plus 1 scoop of Plazma vs. 2 scoops of Plazma doesn’t make much difference; personally I like to eat more cals than drink them so I like the Finibar + Plazma combo. Plus, the Finibar provides some quality fats as well for the training session, just the right amount.


Like Rob said, it’s no problem at all, but the Finibar will cover you for sure.

I generally have breakfast somewhere around 10:00am and don’t train until 3:30 or 4 (starting pre-workout Plazma 20 minutes or so before) with nothing between. If I happen to be starving, I might have a light snack around 1:00 but that’s not the usual.


Thanks for the excellent information and advice Rob & Chris! Both excellent points and made me realize that, with my desire to remain lean and have more of that elegant athletic look rather than the big polarizing look of most pro bodybuilders, there’s no need to stress about going losing gains over not eating for a few hours. I’m using a mobile device how do I tag either one of you in future posts?


Good stuff, make sure to keep us updated with your progress and any further questions. To tag someone, type the “@” symbol, then start typing the user name of the person you want to tag, no spaces. between the @ and the name. Some options will pop up, and just tap on the user you want to tag. So, if you want to tag @Chris_Colucci, type “@”, then start typing “Chris” and you should see some options pop up, then click on his name and you’re good to go.