Meal Replacement Ideas


I’m in search of ideas for a quick meal replacement. I work 12 hour shifts, many of which don’t give me time for adequate nutrition. I can usually get in one solid food meal, but the rest of the time I’m far too busy to sit and eat. On top of that, it’s a very active job so I’m burning a lot of calories. Do any of you have a similar scenario? I find that the more I work, the harder it is to gain muscle. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

My ideal meal replacement would:
- Have plenty of protein
- Have good and healthy carbs (I find that my body works the best with lots of carbs)
- Be able to be prepared ahead of time
- Be able to be consumed within 1-2 minutes
- Taste fantastic

That last one is not all that important, but hopefully it would at least be somewhat palatable. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks in advance.


These no-bake cookies are calorie-dense with quality protein from Metabolic Drive, good carbs, and healthy fats. This is another variation that you could prep ahead of time.

Finibars were originally designed for competitive endurance athletes, so they’re a great choice to get you through an active work day.

Make sure your training is properly programmed. If you’re working 12-hour days at an active job, lifting an hour or more 4-5 days a week is overkill. 2-3 days, if designed right, can definitely build muscle and that extra recovery time will be crucial.


Thanks Chris. I’ll give those cookies a try. Oatmeal has been a staple in my diet and I attribute much of my success to it’s regular use. Also, all natural peanut butter is an absolute treat.

I do use Finibars on a regular basis, and I think that they are an excellent product. It would be great if Biotest could introduce some new flavors as well. (hint hint)

Thanks also for the tip on the weight training. A couple weeks ago, I cut back from six to three days per week since I haven’t been able to consume enough calories. I’ll keep it like that for awhile and see how I look and feel with more caloric intake.

Another question - do you know of any carb sources that I could add to Metabolic Drive to create a meal replacement shake? I miss the days of the original Metabolic Drive, though it was a bit light on carbs for me, as I think it was ~24g/serving.


Sorry I missed this before. Yeah, Metabolic Drive Complete was a whole self-contained MRP. A lot of people actually just toss oats in the blender along with low carb Metabolic Drive to bump up carbs. Or they’ll blend the oats first, by themselves, to get them much finer so they mix easier with the other ingredients.

Most fruit blends up pretty easy, especially if it’s frozen, and will boost the carb content. Those are probably the two easiest and most versatile - fruit or oats. The Metabolic Drive Recipes forum might have more ideas, but a lot of those threads are non-shake-based.


I really enjoyed Metabolic Drive Complete. Vanilla was very good in my opinion. Miss not having that as a part of the Biotest line any more.