Mcl's V-Diet Adventure

Stats: 39 year old male
240 lbs
waist 41"
thigh 26"
calf 17"
ankle 10"
chest 48"
abs 40"
shoulders 20"
upper arm 16"
neck 18.5"

lifting PRs (3RM): squat 315 lbs, bench 200 lbs, deadlift 300 lbs, row 205 lbs, overhead press 225 lbs, weighted pullups 25 lbs, weighted dips 55 lbs

Started V-Diet January 18, 2009

I’ll be thrilled if I can get to 220 without significant muscle loss.

A bit of background, since I was really terse with my first post:

I’ve always been a large guy, and have been fat most of my life. A few years ago, after some surgery and medication, along with some negative events in my life, I really let myself go and hit about 310 lbs.

I said, “screw that!” and started cleaning up my eating. In a year and a half, I got down to 220. Then, my company moved to a new facility that includes a very nice private gym facility with an impressive array of free weights.

I decided to take advantage of it, and not long after, I started a 5x5 lifting program.

That was last June. Now, after months and months of lifting and trying to get my diet dialed in, I’m up to 240. The extra fat doesn’t show in the mirror (too much), but I know it’s there. I’m pretty sure that after months of tweaking, my diet’s where it needed to be, but the months of trying to get it right led to some excess weight, since there’s no way I put on 20 lbs of lean muscle mass in 7 months.

My BF% went up 2% during that time: I started at 18%, but since my weight went up, so did the fat. At 220, that’s 39.6lbs of fat. At 240, I was at 20% BF, which is 48 lbs of fat. And that’s assuming my calipers are accurate. So, I’ve got 8 lbs of fat to lose just from poor dieting during my first 7 months of lifting before I begin to tackle the fat I was carrying around in the first place.

I tend to stay very hydrated (I drank at least 6 liters of fluids (water, shakes) a day prior to starting the V-Diet, so I don’t expect to see tons of initial weight loss due to water weight.

The first day, so far:

I tried Chris’s suggestion of taking the HOT-ROX halfway through my first shake. Seems to help a little (I only took one), but I’m still quite jittery. Hopefully the Z-12 will help me sleep tonight. Since I’m not lifting heavy for the next month, I’m not too worried about its impact on me in the gym, and I’m hoping the sleep reduction I’m going to experience from the HOT-ROX will be offset by the fat loss I’ll see.

To take my mind off things, I went to the garage and tore apart my motorcycle’s cowling, since I’ve been meaning to do some work on my lighting system for a couple of weeks, and a half-day mechanical project seemed like a good way to occupy my brain and hands.

So far, so good. I’m not hungry, and it’s 10 minutes until my next shake, and that’s the one with a serving of flax.

We’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow, which’ll also be my first workout. I’m looking forward to it, since it’ll be the first complete workout overhaul I’ve had in about 18 weeks. I’m worried that my squat and deadlift are going to suffer, but again, I’m more focused on the fat loss goal right now.

I’ll worry about any strength loss once I’m done. I’m sure I can recoup whatever strength losses I see fairly rapidly, and I was able to end my routine Friday with a full suite of new personal records for reps.

welcome! a few things i have noticed over the last 3 weeks of the diet (which has FLOWN by)…week 1, mild headaches, and super sensitivity to the HOT-ROX…week 2, no more headaches, hunger, or sensitivity to the HOT-ROX (in fact, i was able to drink espresso again by the end of the week)…week 3, well…feeling GREAT, like i could do this forever…

i would say good luck, but luck has nothing to do with it…so i will say enjoy and kick ass!

I’m just about to finish week 1. All has been good for the most part. Good luck and hand tough.

Day 2:

Well, the Z-12 did its job. Even though I was up much later than I normally am (didn’t fall asleep until 1am, when I usually am asleep by 11pm), I slept through the night.

Previously, when I’ve taken HOT-ROX, I toss and turn constantly, and don’t get a good night’s rest. Last night, I slept like a baby, and woke up refreshed.

The hunger pangs were pretty bad when I was laying in bed last night, but I woke up this morning feeling fine, and my stomach wasn’t growling.

Today is my first day on the new routine. I’ve written this week down in my exercise log (I carry a small black Moleskine notebook and mini-pen to the gym constantly, and mark off the exercises as I do them, note any failures, any PRs, anything important that I want to record), and I’m looking forward to it!

Hello and good to read your posts. I’m on day 14 and feel great. Symptoms almost identical to darth cricket’s. Looking forward to checking on your progress.

Today was my first day of the new exercise routine.

I have this to say about it:

I hate you, Chad Waterbury. I hate you with the fiery passion of a thousand white-hot suns.

It kicked my ass up one side of the gym and down the other. It didn’t help that I had to walk to a different part of the gym to do my dips, since the unassisted dip rack isn’t with the free weights. By the time I got there, I had about 5 seconds before I had to do my dips. Getting back, I had 5 seconds before I had to do my pullups. Thankfully, I had the oly bar loaded and ready next to the pullup bar.

I’m going to have to start jogging in a couple of weeks to keep the schedule!

Oh, and the side planks? DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU ALL. Those things HURT!

…but it’s a good thing. And they will NOT beat me. I will prevail, even if I’m nothing but a bloody, twitching, sweaty mass sprawled on the gym floor by the end of this.

By the way, I stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home from the gym and bought a personal blender. I’m enjoying my first shake with ice.

If any of you are doing this and you’re not blending the powder with ice and a bit of water, you’re insane. It’s SOOOO good.

Day 3, so far:

Woke with a bit of a headache, and have been feeling a bit lightheaded all morning. I suspect it’s because this is roughly the time my body’s switching over to burning fat rather than carbs, and since the brain needs carbs, it’s probably a bit low right now. :slight_smile:

Oddly, I wasn’t hungry at all this morning, nor did I need to relieve myself urgently, like I have been. Guess I did have some water weight to flush out. I snuck a peek at the scale, and since I’ve lost 8 lbs since Sunday, I’m positive it’s water.

I hope tomorrow’s workout is less brutal than Monday’s.

I’m already making plans for my first HSM. My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Outback for some steak, shrimp, salad, and sweet potato. Woot!

Man, Outback is where I’m thinking about going too. Either that or cooking my own rare Filet Mignon!! The temptation is there to make a port wine reduction sauce but that’s just not healthy :frowning:

Also, it looks like we started our diet at the same time! my progress is in the thread titled “3 Amigos V-diet”


Day 4 update:

Woke up this morning without a headache.

Wasn’t hungry, had to force myself to eat my morning shake.

Today was day 2 of the Waterbury intermediate program: lots of DB exercises, and front squats.

Even though I collapsed after the planks – I thought the normal planks were much easier than the side planks, even though the normal planks still hurt like a motherfucker after those front squats – I left the gym thinking today was much easier than Monday’s workout.

About an hour later, my body’s telling my brain to shut the hell up, because it’s worn out.

And I made the mistake of looking at Friday’s routine, which is 4 sets of 64 reps of a bunch of stuff. I think I will be well and truly dead after that.

The evening food cravings are getting less extreme, starting later, and going away earlier.

I’m still sleeping like a log (hugs his Z-12). The HOT-ROX isn’t making me jittery any more, though I think I’ll stay on 2 per day, particularly since I’m also taking 4 Alpha Male each day.

I’m looking forward to my first week weigh-in, measurements, and photos. I’ll post photos when I do them, including some “before” shots.

I’m definitely starting to notice a difference in the mirror, and in my pants/belt.

Awesome job man, keep it up you’re almost done with that first week! I have the first SHM in my sights, I can’t wait. I’ve had several moments where I wanted to eat junk but I pulled through and found some more motivation somehow so I think I’m good for a while now.

I have everything planned out to get me through the weekend.

Saturday: 18 holes w/ Josh (also on the diet). Prep a precision nutrition anytime meal for my SHM. Sunday: Wash & Wax the stang, clean the crap out of the house.

I should be able to keep myself distracted enough to carry into the next work week.

Looking forward to the 1 week results!


Morning, Day 5:

Still actively not hungry when I wake up. I don’t have this problem the rest of the day, but when I get out of bed in the morning, I have to force myself to have my shake.

Yeah man, I get that too. fight the urge to not have your shake the in morning, as you could affect your metabolism negatively if you don’t eat as soon as you get up.

[quote]aphelion wrote:
Yeah man, I get that too. fight the urge to not have your shake the in morning, as you could affect your metabolism negatively if you don’t eat as soon as you get up.[/quote]

Definitely. I’m a HUGE believer in the positive power of a good, prompt breakfast, and I’ll keep eating them even if I have to take them intravenously. It’d be nice to wake with a little hunger, though.

I suspect I will Saturday morning, after my first HSM (I’m having it Friday night, as part of a date with my girlfriend, who’s being very supportive about all this.)

Late afternoon, Day 6:

Just finished my Friday workout (intermediate).

My opinion of the sadistic Mr. Waterbury and his love of torturing strangers stands.

As does my stubborn determination not to let him win.

SO looking forward to that damned steak tonight! (and the evening and morning with my girlfriend!)

I’ll take measurements/photos/weight Sunday, and post them all, along with before shots (and some truly frightening before photos from when I was 300+, a year ago).

sweet man. we just did our first friday workout too. I was a little disappointed with it, cause it seemed like it was way more on the cardio side than wednesday’s was (and i freakin loved wednesday’s workout). However, I’ll keep doin em in the hopes that my cardio ability gets a little better.

Hope you’re enjoying your SHM (even if you did take it a day early, ha ha). We’ll be posting pics/measurements on sunday too. talk to ya then.

Well, it’s now been a week (this morning begins Day 8)!

I had a great HSM Friday night (Day 6, on a date with my girlfriend): prime rib steak, baked sweet potato, grilled shrimp, broccoli and snow peas, and a salad, with tea.

When I started the diet on Sunday, Jan 18, I weighed in at 240 lbs.

This morning, my official weigh-in, I was at 229 lbs, down 11 lbs.

My measurements, last week and this week:
Age: 39 Height: 6’1"

waist 41" 39.5"
thigh 26" 25.5"
calf 17" 16.5"
ankle 10" 10"
chest 48" 47"
abs 40" 39"
shoulders 20" 19"
upper arm 16" 16"
neck 18.5" 17.5"

The photos from just before beginning and this morning are above. Apologies for the pre-diet photos, they were slightly flexed.

Re: The HSM: I was worried that I’d actually have trouble eating and/or digesting solid food after a week without, but that wasn’t the case. Other than having to hit the head as soon as we got home, all was fine.

I had some trouble sleeping Friday night after my HSM, because my metabolism kept kicking into overdrive and I was getting really hot under the covers, so I kept tossing and turning to uncover myself and get comfortable, then re-cover myself once I cooled off.

Saturday wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d expected, either. I was expecting hardcore hunger pangs like I got when I started, but other than a bit of stomach grumbling around dinnertime, everything was back to normal.

And, just because I want to ruin your breakfast (I know it certainly disgusts ME): A photo from January 2006. Two short years ago, when I was at 305 lbs.

hey man, great work! I can’t really see the difference between start and w1, but only because the pics are sized down so much by the forum. if they look larger on your computer, u should try hosting them on imageshack or something, and link to them from here.

regardless, if you lost 11 lbs, you’re obviously making some serious progress. I think you could possibly finish this thing at 25 lbs lost (obviously expecting 11 lbs/week is unrealistic), which might be a record for this diet (or damn close)!

btw same thing happened to me with my HSM. I ate it at about 7:30p, and couldn’t fall asleep till 3a :stuck_out_tongue:

keep on going. the drop from 305 -> 240 was huge. I think the “wow factor” going from 240 to 215 will be just as big. Soon you will be looking back on your 240 lbs pics with the same feelings you have for your 305 lb pic now. rock on

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