MB's V-Diet 3.0 Log: Start 7/27/10

Well I received all my packages in the mail yesterday and began the V-Diet today. I should be finished with the transition on Labor Day, Sept. 6th, and I am looking forward to seeing some results. I have had 4 of my 5 shakes so far and they aren’t terrible but I still have cravings for solid food. This is definitely going to be a challenge but I will give it all I have to stay on track and stick to the plan. I took two HOT-ROX after work and it didn’t make me feel sick but I felt like I was all sped up and a little agitated. I will try to post an update here on progress as often as possible, and update weight and measurements once a week.

My current stats are: (Measurements were made by myself and may not be great, but I will try to be as consistent as possible.)

Weight: 222.4 lb
Height: 5’11
Neck: 16.5’’
Shoulders: 48’’ (difficult to measure by yourself)
Chest: 47’’
Right Bicep: 14.25’’
Left Bicep: 14.75’’
Waist: 39.5’’
Hips: 41’’
R. Thigh: 27.25’’
R. Calf: 16.75’’
L. Thigh: 27’’
L. Calf: 17’’



7/28 & 7/29
Ok HOT-ROX is some serious stuff. I thought I would be able to tolerate 2 HOT-ROX pills at once but those things are crazy. I took them at around 5p.m. and got about 1 and a half hours of sleep Tuesday night. I was having stomach aches, chest pains, headaches, pains in my arms, I thought I was going to have a damn heart attack or something. I ended up having to eat some solid food just to try to settle my stomach a bit and the problems seemed to go away shortly after that.

I was good for the rest of the day Wednesday, and today I did much better without the HOT-ROX. Maybe I will try a single pill at a time on saturday when I don’t have to work. As for today, I kept on track and it went much more smoothly. This morning I weighed about 200.6 lb which isn’t to bad in my opinion. I was just over 228 a few weeks ago so I don’t know how much “water weight” I have to lose at the very beginning of this cycle.

The diet has not been going perfect, but the first week is done and I stayed about 80-85% on plan with my meals. I spent the weekend painting the outside of my house and I think being in the sun and sweating all day was good for me. I have had pretty good energy which is surprising because I thought I would be dead tired on this diet.

Sunday was a bad day, as I started with good plans, then ended up leaving home around noon, and was stuck and didn’t get back until 10pm. I didn’t eat much all day except a decent sized dinner and have regretted it since. Overall the diet is coming along, and although I have not been perfect, I will not let that deter me or set me back. It just means I have to work harder to stay on plan. Here are todays stats.

Weight: 218.4 lb (-4.0 lb)
Height: 5’11
Neck: 15.5’’ (-1.0’’)
Shoulders: 47’’ (-1.0’’)
Chest: 45.5’’ (-1.5’’)
Right Bicep: 14.5’’ (+0.5’’) (I am happy with a gain here as I have relatively small arms)
Left Bicep: 14.5’’ (-0.5’’)
Waist: 39’’ (-0.5’’)
Hips: 40’’ (-1.0’’)
R. Thigh: 26.5’’ (-0.75’’)
R. Calf: 16.75’’ (No Change) (My calves are more muscle than fat so I am fine with this meas.)
L. Thigh: 26.5’’ (-0.5’’)
L. Calf: 17’’ (No Change)

Week #2: Begin NOW!

You can totally nail this week- wishing you all the best!


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