Mayhem, I Am

Absolute praise to Mr Shugart and All involved in the birth of this program. Tuesday (10/29/19) I began using BioTest supplements as suggested par V Diet and though I have applied the beginner workout module only once since, I am pleased to see a notable difference within and of myself already! Luckily as a server I am actively on my feet at a brisk pace 6-8 hours a day… This is what I partially choose to chalk the premature improvements up to, at any rate. Grateful nonetheless for I have greater motivation to buckle down and bulk up!

Nov 24th 2018, I was admitted to a Level I trauma facility after I near fatally totalled my sedan. A collapsed lung, 6 fractured bones, 2 surgeries, 2 pins, 3 titanium plates, 13 screws and a lot of IV narcotics later… I made the decision to cease an almost decade long intimacy with eating disorders, addiction and alcoholism. The previous year has been a struggle to say the least. I tend to gather 2-5 weeks abstinence at a time which is a great feat considering I am usually incarcerated if not institutionalized when this happens.

In any event, my goal with the V Diet is to achieve that this month and hopefully exceed it within the next month. People often discuss annual anniversaries of traumatic experiences, well, what would be a better way to acknowledge this one than with an absolute beneficial transformation all the way around? It’s about time.


This is May, until next time.

Your story is bonkers. Very glad to hear you’ve made it through everything and come out on this side of it all.

How’re things going so far?

You can probably drop the daily NEPA since you’re that active.

Did you take before measurements and pics to track progress? You don’t necessarily need to post them, but you should definitely be monitoring the stats for your own assessment like the manual suggests.

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