Max's V-Diet Log!

Starting V-Diet tomorrow June 8th, 2009.

Here are my measurements after bathroom and before breakfast:

Height: 5’58 in.
Weight: 192 lbs.
Neck: 15.50 in.
Shoulders: 17.00 in.
Bicep Left: 13.75 in.
Bicep Right: 14.00 in.
Chest: 38.00 in.
Waist - at Navel: 34.50 in.
Waist - at largest: 39.75 in.
Hips - at largest: 42.00 in.
Upper Leg - L: 26.25 in.
Upper Leg - R: 25.50 in.
Lower Leg - L: 16.00 in.
Lower Leg - R: 16.00 in.
Ankle - L: 10.00 in.
Ankle - R: 9.75 in.

Pics will be up tomorrow.

Day 1 Workout:

I love Chad Waterbury’s workouts, I’m very familiar with them so I had no problem doing the intermediate workouts. Although I did sweat like crazy.

I wonder how many times a day I’m suppose to be taking these HOT-ROX pills.

And do I have to finish the whole shake? I was full as hell by just drinking half of it, and I even took my time drinking it!

So far so good, this program should be a breeze!

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