Max's V-Diet Log Starting May 25

Weight 221

Neck 17 1/4
Shoulders 54 1/2
Chest - Upper 46 1/2
Chest - Lower 48 1/2
Waist - at Navel 42
Waist - at Largest ??
Hips - at Largest 44
Upper Arm - L 17
Upper Arm - R 16 1/2
Upper Leg - L 25
Upper Leg - R 25
Lower Leg - L 16
Lower Leg - R 16
Ankle - L 8 3/4
Ankle - R 8 1/2


This diet is fairly simple. No real hangups thus far. The first day was the hardest but the hunger pangs get easier to deal with every day. I pushed out 6 pounds of water weight so I am down to to 215 from 221.

Welcome and best of luck Max - you look like you have a really good muscle foundation there, this diet will do great things for you!

I am having a blast on this diet…it’s not easy but it’s different than anything I have ever done. The workouts are awesome. One thing though, I work on the sixth floor of my building and I need to travel to the first floor several times in a day. So I actually get several workouts in one day it seems. If nothing else I will be condition to go up dozens of flights of stairs by the time i am done with this thing.

I hope things are still going well with the V-Diet, I’m looking forward to seeing the change as your just a day in front of me!

Great to hear you joined the V-Diet family!!! Looking forward to seeing your results! Good luck!

Things are going great. So far in this first week, I have lost 11 lbs. I am real pumped to see how this shakes out for the remainder. Still no real hangups. Stil get a craving for pizza and a beer every once in a while.

Biotest, I’m glad I met ya…after all you are a major part of this V-Diet…but can you do something about this “ass tasting” Surge product?

Well, I seem to be losing the weight with good rhythm. down 14 lbs in 11 days.
I enjoy the NEPA walks each night- I put my two little ones in a stroller and they enjoy the ride.
I am looking forward to my second HSM this friday. last friday I had chicken with sweet potatos and lots of veggies. Excellent it was…

I keep having “food dreams” at night; prolly because I think about food most of the day. A giant Cheesburger was howling at the moon for some odd reason…I wonder if there is an interpretation in one of those dreams books, for that particular dream. The cheesburger might have been wearing loafers too…hmmm

I was bummed a bit yesterday because I was use to seeing the scale drop everyday…I am afraid that I weighed in the same as the day before. But I won’t let that discourage me…

Don’t worry about scale weight, it is always nice to see numbers drop but what you look like in the mirror and inches lost are more important I think. Keep up the great work!

Day 21:
Still goin strong. lost 20 lbs so far. translates to 4 inches on my waist. I am totally stoked about this thing. I am really starting to find myself thinking more about eating healthy, where a couple of weeks ago all I could thin about was a double cheeseburger. One thing is for sure I would recommend this diet to anyone that is willing to take on the commitment.

DAy 28: Lost 24 lbs sao far…

Would love to see the pics!

I would have to agree with bar182. Got any pics!!! What a great accomplishment so far!

Great job buddy, you look like you have a great foundation. You should have a nice V-cut with those lats when you’re done!

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