Maximizing My Efforts in the Gym

rayrod44 asks:

I am looking for a protein supplement that will maximize my efforts in the gym. I was a competitor in powerlifting many years ago and now am starting back into the weightlifting scene once again.

I have been working out for about a 1 1/2 to 2 years now and have found nothing that will improve my time in the gym. I have wasted a lot of money on different brands and am tired of it. Upon looking on your site I have found two supplements that will assist me in my weightlifting endeavors. Anaconda for pre and mid workout and Mag-10 for post workout.

Please help me to find what will work for me. I workout 5 days a week and 1 1/2 hours a day. also I am a pastor of a small church and have limited amount of finances. please help me with the right products.

Thank you.


What is your supplement budget for the month? We have a couple of stacks in mind for you that fit your needs.

100.00 monthly

Given your $100 per month budget, <a href=""target=“new”>Anaconda for weight-training workouts and a “pulse’” or one serving of <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 after weight training would be great.

These are much different than simple protein supplements however. They’re designed for accelerated muscle gains and systemic recovery and repair, so you can train harder, heavier, and more frequently. In other words, just what you need for your weight training sessions.

For your budget, check into our multi-unit discounts for MAG-10. You save over $15 a bottle when ordering four or more.

Given your long workout sessions and goals, Plazma would honestly be a better choice than Anaconda. You can read more about it <a href=""target=“new”>HERE. Another option would be to use at least two servings of Plazma for before and during training and that’s it. Preloading and driving key nutrients into muscle with <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma would allow you to perform at and beyond your limits while recovering and gaining fast. That alone would make a very noticeable difference.

If that’s more than you can spend right now, the Anaconda/MAG-10 stack will fit your needs.

if i take Plazma, will i have to take a protein drink after the workout? is Plazma the only thing i take for supplements? right now i am using nothing but what i eat for the three meals a day.

[quote]rayrod44 wrote:
if i take Plazma, will i have to take a protein drink after the workout? is Plazma the only thing i take for supplements? right now i am using nothing but what i eat for the three meals a day.[/quote]

If you use Plazma during training, you don’t have to use a protein shake after the workout, though ideally you’ll have at least one pulse of <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10.

Years ago, we figured out that post-workout nutrition was important, and specialized drinks were made to take advantage of this “window of opportunity.” This was a step in the right direction when it comes to getting the most out of your training, but today we know that just before and during training is even more important, and the window is even larger than we thought.

Basically, you want to get the right stuff into the muscle, then train that muscle. Anaconda and Plazma both do this. Plazma is the most advanced of the two formulas. The result is a better workout (lifting more weight for more reps, better pump and work capacity etc.) building more muscle faster, and accelerated recovery so you can train frequently.

If your budget only allows for one supplement, we’d suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. If that’s more than you need, Anaconda is a solid entry-level workout nutrition supplement.

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