Maximizing Indigo-3G


Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum and would like to ask about Indigo-3G supplementation. I have it here and want to maximize its power. On training days, I take 6 caps prior to training and on non-training days, I take it 30minutes prior to my last meal of the day (I eat 6 meals a day and 2hours apart each meal). Am I taking it right or is there a more optimal way of doing it? Please let me know. Will appreciate all feedbacks and advice!



Nope, sounds like you’re right on point. Before training/before dinner is spot on with the label directions, and that’s the best plan to follow.

The only time you’d want to stray from that is if dinner wasn’t a very big meal, in which case you’d take Indigo-3G a half-hour before your biggest/highest carb meal of the day so it has some nutrients to partition, even if it’s not “technically” dinner. It’s not so much about time of day (pre-dinner being more effective than pre-lunch, for example). It’s that you want to have the Indigo in your system prior to taking in a bunch of carbs and calories so that it can actually do its job.

If all your meals are roughly the same, then just stick with having it before dinner.



So if my meal doesn’t have carbs I don’t need to take Indigo-3G? I don’t have carbs on my off days…



You still want to take it on days with less carbs to maximize the long-term insulin sensitivity effects.


Got it. So on days with no carbs on all my meals, when should I take the indigo 3g? I eat 6 no carb meals on off days, just need to know what meal the indigo 3g should be taken.


Stick with dinner, unless one of the meals is bigger (higher calorie).


Got it. Thanks much brotha!