Maximizing Fat Loss During Transition?


I have one more week before I start my two week transition and during this time I would like to continue to lose as much fat as possible. I’ve been reading Gus’ post which have been a great help but I wanted to clarify several things.

I want to include HIIT in my routine during the transition period. I saw that you recommended to Gus that he could include HIIT on non-training days and NEPA on training days to maximizing his fat loss.

If I’m not mistaking he was also to include one HSM (no carbs) and drop a protein shake meal for the first week and two HSM(no carbs) the second week. I would like to do this but I remember you recommending that HIIT should not be done during the 28 days because of the potential to lose muscle due to the calories being so low.

Since the calories are still going to be low during the transition period does the same reasoning apply during the transition period as it does during the 28 days that HIIT should not be done because of potential muscle loss? Does adding the HSM change this? If I do want to include HIIT along with NEPA should I still try to keep my carbs below 100 grams? Also,should I keep my calories the same?

If you have any other tips to maximize fat loss during the transition period I would greatly appreciate it.

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