Matt's V-Diet Log

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 197

Neck: 16
Shoulders: 50"
Chest-upper 44" lower 38"
Waist- Naval 36" Largest 36.5"
Hips: 41"
Upper Arm: L-14.5 R-15
Upper Leg: L-23.5 R-24
Lower Leg: L-16.25 R-16.5
Ankle:L-9 R-9

Started the V-Diet Today. 3 Shakes down. I’ll need to get used to the taste of the flax seed in the shakes but other than that it hasn’t been too bad. Helped my friends move today and of course the got pizza. One of my roommates kept rubbing it in my face but that’s the be expected.

Day 1 is complete. Finishing off my last shake of the day as I type this. This is by far the best shake, chocolate MD with natural peanut butter. Temptations were everywhere. Poker game with all sorts of snacks tonight but I wasn’t about to cheat on day 1. Tomorrow I start my first workout. Looking forward to it.

Glad to hear your day one went well and you were able to fight temptation. Today was my day one and my classmates brought brownies, chocolate dipped cookies, and another type of cookie…but I wasn’t as tempted as I thought I would be. I hope your workout goes well today! I did one today and it was brutal…I am going to be sore. I am used to working out but this was much more intense than what I am used to. Can’t wait to hear how your day 2 is going!

IK906, that sounds terrible to be surrounded with brownies, cookies, and other treats. What kind of classes are you in?

Day two almost down. I still have two shakes to go today so hunger shouldn’t be an issue. Today was also my first lifting day.

Front Squats: 185 lbs X 5 reps
185 X 4
185 X 3
185 X 3
185 X 3
185 X 2

Chin ups: Body weight + 45# plate

X 5
X 4
X 3
X 3
X 2
X 3

Dumbbell Bench Press 85# X 5 reps
X 5
X 5
X 5
This one was a little difficult due to a shoulder injury from my BJJ training. I think I could have lifted more with a barbell but stabilizing it with my left shoulder was the limiting factor

Abs (no roller so walk outs instead from toes) did 6 reps, 6, 5, then 6

I also got in 45 min of NEPA (Walking)

Temptations today were almost a non issue. I had the day off work (Columbus Day) so I was even able to get in a nap today. I actually had a dream I was eating some delicious chili. haha.

I am currently in Physical Therapy school so I am taking classes that teach me how to do ultrasound (like for injuries), E-stim, Soft tissue massage and things of that sort. It’s a lot of fun but a lot of work. I have a neuroanatomy practical tomorrow and I am hoping I do well on it. I haven’t been studying for it like I should but we will see. What kind of work do you do?

Too bad you’re not closer maybe you could help out my shoulder. I’m in the Air Force. Actually I used to get ultrasound and Stim (the electrical patches) for my shoulders when I played water polo at the Air Force Academy. Now that my polo days are over I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but I no longer have a dedicated training staff. Good luck on your neuroanatomy practical, sounds difficult. One more shake to go today and it’s done with day 2. Hope your diets going well too!

Thanks! Day one down for me! I took a few MMA classes and I loved it but school has taken over my life. I know this is a long shot and I do not know how old you are but do you by chance know a guy with the last name Weinberg?

I’m 26. I don’t think I know a guy named Weinberg, why do you ask?

Day 3 going well. DDrake and I got our NEPA in this morning and I’m one shake down. Feeling pretty full. It’s funny how I’ve already noticed I eat out of habbit more than neccesity.

I ask because Matt Weinberg is my best friends big brother and he graduated from the Air Force Academy and is now a pilot. Anyway…yeah I tend to eat out of habit also and when I am bored so this has been a rude awakening for me…I played v-ball tonight for my NEPA and it was awesome! Getting closer to end of week 1!!

Wow small world. I don’t think I know him but there is a good chance I might have seen him around. Do you know what year he graduated? I’m a 05 grad. If he played a sport and was at the Academy the same time as I was there was a good chance I saw him down at the gym. All the sports practice at the same time.

I’m not sure if he played a sport or not. He graduated in '07 I am pretty sure. How is the diet going?

My sis graduated in 07. She said his name sounded familiar but couldn’t put a face with it.

Halfway done with day 4. Today was my second workout. It felt a lot harder than the first workout and I got lightheaded between sets. I’m doing the intermediate workout so the 40 sec rests killed me. I def earned my Surge. I left my binder in my car so I can’t remember all my reps but I’ll post it tonight. Overall the diet isn’t too bad if I stay busy. I have one more shake to go before I leave work and then two more at home. I think I’ll be sleeping well tonight.

Day 5 has gone well so far. I already got most of my NEPA in. Cravings are still going strong esp when I start to get hungry. I’m just looking forward to Sat and getting in my HSM. The workout yesterday was awesome and I’m nice and sore from it. Even though I have been active with BJJ practice it was a shock to my body to lift that hard. I’m hoping to be able to gain a little lean mass because of the high protein intake and lifting program.

so i seriously cannot sit down without the lactic acids in my ass letting me know that it is there…pretty awesome…

Oh and ANOTHER workout tomorrow. I wish that was genuine enthusiasm…

I haven’t posted in a while so here is an update. Currently on day 9.

This diet is kicking my ass. Haha. I have to say the mornings are much harder than the evenings. I woke up this morning and was pissed that I had to have a shake instead of a good breakfast. I can’t wait for the transition period. Still a long way to go. I’m about to head off to the gym to start the 2nd week of the training program. I did the V-burn yesterday. I’m on the intermediate level and got a time of 26:37. I wasn’t sure if it was 10 reps each leg or total on the lunges and DL so I did 10 each let each set (20 reps). I felt strong through the first 2 rounds and then started to gas. I can really feel the weight cut. The good news is that I was down about 7 pounds after this week. I’m guessing some of that is water since my body is very dry now with the lack of carbs in my diet. Either way I can really tell the difference in the mirror. I hope the progress continues.

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