Mass Routine and Supplements

Chad asks:

I’m 48 years old 6’0”, 190 lbs. 21% body fat. My question is, I have not lifted for over 3 years. But I want to get fit and muscular naturally. What would you suggest as far as workouts/routine plus supplements that I should use?

Good on you for getting back to training!

How many days a week are you able to get to the gym? That will help with program suggestions.

But no matter what program, everything begins with proper workout nutrition. And for that, you can’t beat Plazma.

Also, I love this article for helping to put eating to gain mass in perspective.

This article is exactly on point and lays out some guidelines for eating, training, and even goal-setting:

Like SBT said, Plazma is always a great place to start. It’ll boost performance in the gym and help with recovery.

Flameout is a high-potency fish oil that’s great for overall health, anti-inflammatory help (like joint pain), and can even aid in fat loss.

I’d also read up about Indigo-3G which can help to improve insulin sensitivity, which further improves fat loss and delivers health benefits on its own.

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