Marsda2003's Pre-Dress Log

I am starting my Velocity Diet this morning. I have decided to set up my appointment to go try on wedding dresses for the day after I will be finishing the “transition period.” I figure that is a great incentive to stick it out the entire 42 days.

My starting numbers:

weight: 170.8
bodyfat: 28.6 (according to Omron)

I will post some starting photos later in the day. I am not sure how often I should post progress photos, though. Any ideas? I was thinking something along the lines of every 2 weeks. That way I have time to see a change, but not so long that I lose motivation for continuing to progress.

Hey there! Welcome to the V-Team. Make sure you did take a before pic from different angles. I post mine weekly with weigh in numbers…but that is totally up to what ever you feel comfortable with. There are a ton of newbies on this including myself…my least favorite thing about the diet was the forum…however, I have grown to really like it and the community keeps me motivated! I suggest getting involved here…it also help pass the time you don’t spend eating. :slight_smile: Much success to you!!!


I did not get my photos posted yesterday, although I did take them. So I will try to figure out how to post them in here somewhere. I have a weird problem when it comes to eating. I regularly eat too little instead of a sustained amount of extra calories. I usually only eat once or twice a day, and when I do I tend to eat very unhealthy. I love salty, carb-laden foods. Those are my vise. I have never been a sweets type of person. So one of the things that I am hoping to accomplish with this diet is to speed back up my metabolism, because my body has been on starvation mode for too long. It isn’t that I am trying to eat so little, I just keep telling myself I will get something later.

Well anyways that is the rant for the day. Moving on.

I was not in the least bit hungry all day yesterday, or this morning when I woke up (which I usually am hungry upon waking). So yippee for that. But, the one thing I do not like about this diet is the 1st shake and the 4th shake. Goodness gracious, is that stuff disgusting or what? When I first opened my Superfood I thought it smelled like fish food, but when I drank that first shake I can only image that is what fish food tastes like as well. I actually saved my fiber choice tablets for afterwards as a sort of way to get rid of the taste of the shake. How depressing. Other than that everything went as planned. I bought a snack for my kids yesterday, and wasn’t even tempted to eat any myself. I think this will be fairly easy. The hard part will be making myself workout on a more regular basis.

I am doing the Military Athlete program, so I will not be doing the Velocity training program. I am in the middle of a strength cycle right now, and am unwilling to break from that. (Love the strength cycle).

No idea how to actually get the multiple photos to show up in one post. so I am posting several apparently. Sorry about the 2 photos from the front, I also have no idea how to delete a post.

And the infamous gut shot.

Hey! Keep up the good work. Where do I find that program? I wanna check it out.

it is over at, though it does cost money. He has a couple of ways to go about it. If you click through the links on the left of the home page there are free workouts so that you can check it out before you commit.

There is also no term agreement, so if you dislike it you can cancel without a problem (or so it says, I have had no problem so I have not tested the process). When I signed up I signed up as an individual and pay the fee by myself, but when my fiance signed up me chose the multiple user method and he splits the fee amongst like four other people. (so he pays like $5 per month).

On to the diet.

Today I woke up so incredibly hungry, and realized almost immediately that I did not drink the protein shake before bed. I ate the peanut butter from the measuring spoon, but never made the shake. “Foolish me,” my stomach curses.

Anyways I am already down 2 pounds since the start. I am aware that it is mostly water weight so early in, but still nice to break the stalemate I have been having with the scale. For the last 6 weeks I have been stuck right around 172, and since Sunday I have managed to drop 3.2 pounds. What? My body finally got used to the level I was at and decided that I was okay to keep losing.

I think that is all a plateau is. Your body freaks out, says wait a minute too much, too fast. You stall for a while (in my case 6 weeks) then after a little rest your body thinks you have given in, and you start pushing it again.

Well in this case I am winning. My body was duped. I have started to lose weight again, and I consider that a win in and of itself.

**on a side note, I have learned that above all else cheeses are what call to me the most. I ate the teensiest piece off of the corner of my daughter’s pepperjack slice at lunch. (seriously small, but with Borden sliced pepperjack the flavor was still wonderful.) Aaah, I would love a bowl of tostitos and some of my homemade spicy sausage, cream cheese and rotel dip.

And that reminds me it is time to down another shake. No wonder I am thinking of food. Off I go.

I realize that I did not post my body measurements when I started, but I had them written down so here they are.

weight: 170.8

bodyfat: 28.6%

upper chest: 37.5

lower chest: 32.0

waist: 30.5

belly button: 35.5

upper arm: 12.0

hips/butt: 43.0

left thigh: 24.75

right thigh: 25.25

lean mass: 116.2

fat lbs: 54.6

i know that my choice of points may seem odd to some, but my belly button is the widest part of my abdomen. therefore i always use my thinnest point of my abdomen as my waist measurement. when all is said and done I will have some killer curves though. Think 1940s pin-up. That is what I am looking for. I want to lose fat without losing all of my curves, because I have a natural hourglass figure hidden by years of carbo-loading.

Day 6:

I made it to the gym without much debate this morning. I still have my NEPA walk to get done, but that will not be a problem (I have a treadmill in the living room, so no excuses).

Yesterday I did not get tempted at all. I am doing better with the cravings. I didn’t even have an urge to nibble on the kids’ pepperjack at lunch.

Almost a week down. I have to stay with it.

Awesome. It will get much easier after that first week.

Day 8:

One week down on the V-Diet. i took all of my measurements today and am very happy. i am so happy that i am almost tempted to take a progress photo. i just may do this, but i will not be posting any this week. so anyways, here are the measurements and total changes of each.

Velocity Diet (wk 1)

weight 167.0 (-3.8)
upper chest 37.5 (-0.0)
lower chest 30.75 (-1.25)
waist 29.75 (-0.75)
belly button 35.0 (-0.5)
upper arm 11.75 (-0.25)
hips 41.5 (-1.5)
left thigh 24.5 (-0.25)
right thigh 24.75 (-0.5)
body fat unknown (omron is acting funky this morning)
lean mass 117.6 (+1.4)
fat lbs 49.4 (-5.2)

All in all, I am very happy. I just wish that I knew my body fat measurement. Overall I lost 3.8# and a total of 5 inches. The inches are the most important thing. It is nice to finally be through the plateau. I am only 2 lbs from what I weighed when I met my fiance in 2006.

Very, very happy about that. Only 12 lbs until I reach my goal weight. I have been toying with the idea of pushing my goal weight down to 150 instead of 155, but I want to reach 155 before I make up my mind.

I ate my HSM last night. I made a big deal of it. Went out and bought a grill yesterday, spent hours putting it together, and had the kids help me while I grilled. It was the best steak I have had in a long time. I basted it with my own mixture of low-sodium worchestershire, cayenne, garlic, and pepper. It was soooo good. I can make a steak near perfect every time on the grill, but I struggle to keep it from going dry in the kitchen. Boggles the mind. I also threw some zucchini, onions, and asparagus on the grill. It all turned out phenomenal. I even had the kids asking for seconds of all of the veggies.

I think next Tuesday I will do shish-ka-bobs. The kiddos will love them, and it will make it easier to keep the grill from eating my veggies before I get to.

On another note, I have not been tempted, in the last couple of days, to go raid the cheese drawer in the fridge. I have to revel in the small victories.

Day 9:
I got my Omron to work this morning. It came out to 27.8% which leaves me at (-0.8%) since the start.

Workout was great yesterday, 1 RM Squat Cleans, followed by 10 rds using 90% of my max for 1 rep then a hip swivel stretch. It was followed by what I like to refer to as swing lunges, because you hold a KB on your shoulder, forward lunge, then reverse lunge with the same leg for however many reps you need. It kind of resembles a pendulum once you get up a fluid movement. Then there were other torturous exercises to follow, but I don’t recall what.

All in all, a good time was had. Then I let my daughter lead me on my NEPA walk. Having a 4-year old lead the way was interesting to say the least. She jogged the entire way to stay ahead of me and our great dane. She would look for cars, cross the road, stay there for about 20 feet, look for cars and then cross back. We zig-zagged our way through the neighborhood for about an hour. It was more fun than an average walk, because I had no idea of the route ahead of time.

I have a question for anyone who will answer. With the first week of a diet being the highest amount of weight loss, how much have you lost on the following weeks?

progress pic #1

progress pic #2

progress pic #2 again.

(sorry, posted the same one twice.

progress pic #3

Well…how we doing today? Im havin “Shake” for dinner…and u ?

[quote]DaveRigatoni wrote:
Well…how we doing today? Im havin “Shake” for dinner…and u ?[/quote]

I am having a shake as well. Probably strawberry-banana. I realized that I have been leaning on the Chocolate quite heavily, and only have 2 of them left (one of them was opened this morning). If I don’t start mixing in more of the strawberry and banana I will end up with no opportunity for variety as the next 2 weeks come to a close.

On another note, I took yesterday as a rest day (i.e. no true workout) and decided to take a Zumba class at my gym. First off, when you take a “rest day” you expect to be able to hold on a conversation during whatever activity you are doing. Well, that was not the case yesterday. I could have of course stammered my way through one, but I was too focused on learning the dance moves (that weren’t truly taught in the traditional sense). It was amazingly entertaining, however, and I will be taking a couple more classes tomorrow. Starting off with belly dancing, then another Zumba class so that I leave with a smile.

Hope everyone is doing well, and progressing as quickly as they would like to.

Day 19:

Had my HSM tonight instead of when I usually do for a couple of different reasons.

In any case I made Paleo Beef Stew and it was great. It was the freshest tasting beef stew I have ever eaten. One of my 6 year olds even commented by saying, “bestest soup ever.” I would have to agree. I had to keep reminding myself to eat it slowly.

I tried to post a picture with the last message, but failed. So let’s try again.

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