Mark's Log

In Day 3 of the Velocity Diet. Going well so far although I am sore from the first weight workout. I played college football and stayed in good shape for a while then fell off a bit the last few years. Trying to get back in shape to keep up with my teenage son. Had quit lifting the last month or so as I was playing a lot of tennis in a league and some tournaments. It showed on Monday.

Doing the beginner workouts. I know I am over the max weight for the diet but am doing it anyway. We will see how it goes. Up my HOT-ROX to two capsules today and felt a little weird for a while. Of course I was up late grading last night so it could have been a lack of sleep as well. Here are my measurements:

Height 6’4
Weight 297 (Day 1)
All other measurements today (Day 3)
Neck 19
Shoulders 58
Chest (Upper) 52.5
Chest (Lower) 48
Waist (Navel) 49
Hips 48.5
Thigh (L) 25
Thigh ® 25
Calf (L) 18
Calf ® 17.5
Arm ® 17
Arm (L) 17
Wrist (both) 7.75
Ankle (L) 11
Ankle ® 11.5

I will put up before pictures once I get them off of my phone.

Always interested to hear how the “outliers” do on the V-Diet. Keep us posted, Mark!

Day 4 done and going great. Yesterday in the weightroom kicked my butt. 50 reps on dead lift is a bear no matter the weight. Finished strong though. Unfortunately I lifted at noon so was not very productive in the PM. I did step on the scale in the lockerroom before I lifted and was 293. That’s 4.5 pounds in 3 days!

Good NEPA today, walked about 3.5 miles on a beautiful fall day. I teach a night class about 1.5 hours away on Thursdays from 6 to 8:30 so was a little worried about my fourth shake but it was not a problem. Really not having much trouble with the shakes as long as I stay on schedule. Well thata it for now.

Day 7 is in the books. Things are going pretty good. V=Burn was humbling this afternoon. As a former college football player I still have a mental image that I can do a lot of things. However the reality is I am a 44 year old math professor who has gotten most of his exercise in the past twp years playing tennis and hiking. Neither of these do much for your upper body strength or endurance. I still have pretty good leg strength partly because of bad knees that force me to get in the gym and work them out. But I guess that gives me a lot of room for improvement on the upper body. My main motivation in doing the V diet is to get me started losing weight to make the weight I need to go to Philmont Scout ranch with my son next summer. They have a policy that no one over 260 goes on the trail (11 days backpacking in the back country) While there are many smaller men that I can hike circles around, I don’t think the BSA will change their rules and there is no reason for me to weigh this much anyway.

Back to the diet, when I stay on schedule things go pretty well. Saturday I was supposed to play doubles tennis for some NEPA. One of the guys I was playing with was about 40 minutes late (watching a ball game and forgot) and then our three sets lasted forever. I ended up going from 3-8:30 with no shake and some strenuous exercise so was pretty wiped out. This happened to a lesser degree a few times in the week but I am getting better at packing shakes to take with me which helps. I started out making all of the shakes in a blender with a lot of ice but have found that except for the ones with flax in them I prefer them made in a shaker bottle with no ice. They go down more smoothly. Had my first HSM Friday night, steak, stir fry veggies and salad. It was great. Got an invitation to a dinner 2 Fridays from now where you have to pick your dinner. My wife was complaining that that was too far away to know what she wanted. I pointed out that I had only one meal between now and then so it wasn’t as hard.

Plan to weigh in in the morning at the gym next to my office. My guess is that I have lost 8-10 pounds in a week. Pretty good week. If its not that high I will be fine as I know that I am losing fat and getting in better shape. Can tell a big difference in the way my clothes fit already.

Well I have rambled tonight. Iguess that is it until I weigh in in the morning.

Hey man, great job so far! I’m actually from North Carolina originally so I’ll be pulling for you as a fellow tarheel. I played college tennis and can say for sure that being a former college athlete will help you blow through the v-diet since you can always remind yourself that you’ve been through much worse.

Weighed in this morning at 288, that’s down 9 pounds in a week.

2 Hour NEPA walk this morning. A little late on the second shake (its 12:30). New problem, my belts are on the last hole and getting too loose may have to get a new belt or make some new holes soon.

I think my wife is trying to sabotage my diet!! I came home tonight and she had made lasagna, one of my favorites. But I was strong and had a nice vanilla shake. Actually am sitting here now waiting until I feel up to my spoonful of nut butter and then to bed. Big dead lift day tomorrow (Day 10)

Day 12 going strong. Weight at 284 today, down 13 pounds in 12 days. Selling Kettle Corn with the Boy Scouts all day tomorrow. Wish me luck!! Saving my HSM for tomorrow as a reward from avoiding the jun at the Apple Festival all day.

Sounds like you’re doing well! Be wary about thinking of food as a reward. It’s a slippery slope I’ve fallen down many a times.

Day 14, Half way to the transition. Weighed in at 283 this morning. !4 pounds in 14 days. Tough weekend, was selling kettle corn with my son’s scout troop at an apple festival all day Saturday. Only sampled a couple of kernels (when the boys weren’t sure they had put the right stuff in. Thought I would walk around for some NEPA but I don’t think the snails pace I was able to make through the crowd counted.

Didn’t get much exercise on Sunday either other than the V Burn at 9 last night. It went well though. Finished in about 25 minutes and much stronger than a week ago. Great HSM Saturday night, grilled chicken, broccoli and salad.

Looking for a way to do NEPA while sitting in meetings this week as I have long ones every afternoon/evening. Any suggestions?

Day 17 almost done. Still going well. Getting tired of shakes but they are pretty filling. Some days late in the day I fell a little nauseous trying to get them down. Eat the peanut butter every night not in the shake. That seems to help my stomach a lot.

Actually am gaining some strength in the weight room. Probably a sign of not being regular enough lifting previous to this. Trying to get NEPA in as much as possible. Had an hour walk this evening and several 15-20 minute walks across campus today. Looking forward to my meal this week at the Department Chairs Dinner Friday night. Eating at the Manor House at Chetola Resort, a rib eye with steamed vegetables.

Haven’t weighed in a few days but clothes still seem to be getting looser. I am now wearing some pants that haven’t fit for a few years. Hope to lose another 10 or so before I am done. Was at 283 on Monday, need to be 250 by March or April to make weight for Philmont.

Nice, congrats on your success! I’m a week behind–just finished Day 10.

I get the same thing in the evening–frequenlty the “dinner” shake (with the flaxseed) will churn my stomach somewhat, and I usually take about 30-40 minutes to kill the whole shake. The peanut butter at night really does help though. Like you, I eat it separately as the last thing I consume (besides water) before bed.

Great workout today. Really gaining some strength. Beautiful afternoon, unfortunately I have a department meeting this afternoon (I guess I can’t complain since I called it). HSM tonight is a steak and vegetables at Chetola Resort. Should be great. Hoping to be under 280 on Monday when I weigh.

Day 21 all done but the last shake (and peanut butter!!!) V-Burn done in 24 minutes after a 6 mile walk. Feeling stronger. Hope to weigh in under 280 tomorrow (that would be 17 pounds down). Looking forward to hitting it hard for one more week then on to the transition.

Weighed in at 280 even. Good workout, walked a mile afterward. Playing some doubles tennis for more NEPA this evening.

Day 24 workout done. Gaining strength on the beginner program
Romanian Dead Lift 225 15/10/10/8/7
Underhand Lat Pull 115 15/10/10/8/7
Flat Bench DB 55 15/10/5/5/5/5/5
Side Plank 40/40/35/45

Diet going well. Having some knee pain, I think all of the walking, some tennis, and Mondays squats are a bit much. Trying to push through. Looking forward to finishing this week and starting the transition. Have been thinking about where to go after that. Hope to be about 270-275 by the end of the transition and need to be 250 or so by March/April getting ready for Philmont next summer. Planning to continue similar weight workouts (I really like the higher rep, shorter rest period, compound lifts concept) will up the cardio days and do a mixture of HSM and shakes.

Day 26 workout done.
Sumo Deadlift 225 8,8,8,8,8
Neutral Incline 50 10,8,8,7,7
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 115 10,8,8,7,7
Plank 105,75

HSM tonight. Not sure what to have. Running/Walking in a 5k tomorrow morning. My son is running his first one. I decided to do it with him although he will be way ahead of me. Will probably walk more than run as I have not run at all during the V Diet. Should be fun. Looking forward to getting started with the transition next week. Will post pictures and measurements on Monday.

HSM of steak, Sauteed veggies and salad with the avocado dressing from the HSM forum. It was great. Planned to walk a 5k this morning for some NEPA (my son was running) ended up running more than walking. Finished in 35 minutes. Not bad considering I haven’t run in quite a while. My son seems hooked on it (he finished in 22:30 as a 13 year old). Guess I need to start running more.

Day 28 down, now on to the transition. Finished at 280 so I lost 17 pounds in 28 days. Didn’t lose much in the last couple of weeks. Did seem to gain some strength in that time though. Hope i can keep losing some through the transition and beyond. Plan to up the cardio some and keep the lifting similar to the Velocity workout. Will change the exercises some but keep the same philosophy.

Here are the before and after measurements
Height 6’4
Weight 297 (Day 1) 280 (Day 28) -17 lbs
All other measurements today (Day 3)
Neck 19 18 -1
Shoulders 58 58
Chest (Upper) 52.5 51 -1.5
Chest (Lower) 48 48
Waist (Navel) 49 46.5 -2.5
Hips 48.5 48 -.5
Thigh (L) 25 23 -2
Thigh ® 25 23.5 -1.5
Calf (L) 18 18
Calf ® 17.5 17.5
Arm ® 17 16.5 -.5
Arm (L) 17 16.5 -.5
Wrist (both) 7.75 7.75
Ankle (L) 11 11
Ankle ® 11.5 11.5

Total of 17 lbs and 10 inches lost.

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