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[quote]THE WALL wrote:
Hi Mark

What is your diet plan right now.

Continues with the cardio[/quote]
Presently reverse dieting, so my diet yesterday looked like this…

AM Hot Yoga - 1.5 servings of MAG-10.

Breakfast - 1/2 container of egg whites, 2 whole eggs, onion and mushrooms, 1/2 cup basmati rice.

Protein Shake - Whey, egg whites, psyllium husk fiber.

Lunch - chicken breast, green beans, 1/2 cup basmati rice.

Protein Shake - Whey, egg whites, psyllium husk fiber.

PM Training - 3 servings of Plazma.

Dinner - chicken breast, butter lettuce, shredded mozzarella cheese, sauerkraut.


So Mark, I notice on Facebook that you are sporting a couple shirts from Coach Meadow’s new release- but, have you tried his new protein bars yet?? Guessing those puppies would taste pretty good on a reverse diet… do you have a favorite, the apple pie, maybe?


Hi oakridge3592, yeah John was at the Phoenix Pro and gave me a couple of his new T-shirts. I personally haven’t tried the protein bars. Way too much fat and carbs for me personally, especially if consumed pre-workout. I personally don’t like anything high in fat pre-workout. I even avoid whole food and prefer to almost be hungry with an empty stomach so there is nothing hindering the Plazma from hitting my system quickly.


Hi Mark

That amount of water you consume for the 3 services Plazma


Usually a full Nalgene bottle. I think that’s 2000ml? I prefer a little more water than 500ml per/serving of Plazma.


OK Mark !! Yes, accurate is 2000ml.

Thank you


Mark, You’ve mentioned Firefly Kitchens and fermented foods previously. I thought I’d ask about your thoughts and experiences with these sorts of items. I’ve never really tried fermented anything before, other than alcohol, and I’m considering ordering a few items from Firefly Kitchens as well as Genuine Health’s Fermented Whole Body Nutrition.

I also wanted to congratulate you on your recent placing. I’ve been away for a bit and just came across the update. Keep pushing!


I recently read and enjoyed this article by Justin Fallhowe: This was my attempt this past Saturday:


I like to think I have fairly healthy gut flora, but my only warning is that I’ve heard people with really dysfunctional systems can end up on the toilet a lot if they start eating tons of fermented kraut.

I personally eat one meal with some kraut per day and recently started drinking a few ounces of brine. Brine is the real powerhouse that helps fuel the fermentation process of the veggies. I also suggest rotating between various kinds of kraut because different vegetables produce different strains of bacteria.

I’m attaching a pic of two kinds of kraut and one brine that I’ve been using lately. They are expensive, but for what you get in comparison to a probiotic pill it’s worth it.


Mark- a few questions for you:
First off- seems like “traps” are garnering some priority lately in your training… are there parts of your physique that you emphasize less/more to maintain symmetry? For example, I seem to recall that arm training is a priority for you in this latest program as well, correct? How do you determine lagging body parts- judges feedback, or, your own ideal vision of your physique?
Next, when performing those “lat-stretches” in the logs, where you iso-hold heavy weight at the top of a lat pull in order to stretch the lats during the workouts, is there a trick to positioning the body to avoid feeling most of the stretch in the elbows? Just seems to me if I round my back a bit- in essence, leaning forward, I get an actual stretch in the lat, not just a stressed feeling in my elbows, as in hyper-extension… so, elbows slightly bent, perhaps?
Finally, I just want to thank you again for being so open with all of your “secrets”- the recent meal plans leading to the Europa were extremely helpful, but, probably the most useful tip you have given has been hot yoga- I have been at it for about 3 weeks now and it has been a game-changer. Very appreciative for that tip- and the many others that I have taken from your logs. You, sir, are indeed a great ambassador to the sport & again, thanks for being so open & forthright with your trade secrets.


It seems direct trap training is often not included in John’s programs, but I enjoy training traps. Dorian and Ronnie both had huge traps. I think traps are give you a more 3 dimensional look. Long-story-short I’ve been adding them in more often, even if they’re not specifically programmed by John.

I know people will probably hate to hear this, but symmetry is largely genetic. As such I’ve always had a pretty balance physique. The ironic twist here is that perfect symmetry is a virtue according to the IFBB guidelines, yet the judges often award someone with a freaky body part because they stand out. I purposefully aim to train every body part proportionately. Ok, maybe not my glutes. John’s lower back is touchy like mine so he often has direct glute work since we both rarely barbell squat. I avoid these exercises because my ass is already too dominant, lol!

If I target a given body part it’s largely by self assessment. Judging is fickle and sometimes when asked for direction I get bullshit responses which don’t make sense. The mirror is your best adviser.

On the lat stretches I tend to take a wider than shoulder width grip. I often feel the stretch in my shoulders and pecs as well, but I don’t ever feel pain in my elbow joints, regardless of hand position. Not sure how to answer here as I don’t experience what you are talking about. Hyper-extending the elbow joint probably isn’t wise.

Thanks brother, but I really don’t have any secrets just a lot of years of experience. All of which I am more than happy to share here with anyone who asks!


Anyone ever do unilateral stiff legged deads? It’s been a while for me, but I did them with last Saturday’s leg workout as a hamstring finisher. Pretty good stretch!


One of my favorite chest exercises for obtaining a pump via an intense contraction…

And a great way to finish off a chest workout…stretch pushups…


Hi Mark!

How is everything? which are your new goals. In the photos and videos you see in great physical condition


I’m aiming for possibly a couple contests in June and July 2016. Right now I’m enjoying the offseason, but have stayed fairly lean at a body weight of only 218-220lbs. I started Micro-PA and Carbolin 19 since my last contest in October and think they’ve contributed to my conditioning.

All the best to you for the holidays!


Great Mark

Merry Christmas!!




Loving this training technique:

Learn more here:


Some new training clips…

This one was particularly brutal…


Loving the Dead Squat Bar for overhead presses lately!