Marinating Meat with Beer?


Hey Chris, first post here, I think I’m in the right spot.
So I’m a ffb and I’m currently trying to get as lean as possible since I have never really gotten past upper abs lean and I’ve always been stuck with some lower back fat. I’ve been sticking to meats, nuts and veggies plus weight training and pulling a sled. It has been working great.

My question has to do with a meal that I like to eat a lot! It’s pretty much a “reverse taco” where I take arrachera meat (marinated skirt steak or chicken filet) and use it as a taco shell which I fill with avocado pico de gallo. The original recipe for the marinade calls for beer which I usually just skip and instead use only the spices and lime juice but the meat doesn’t taste the same. Will using the beer mess with the nutritional content of the meal since any alcohol gets cooked off and most of the marinade itself stays in the bowl? and what abt the estrogen from the beer? Im also naturally pretty insulin resistant thanks to a looong history of diabetes in my family so I’ve been trying to avoid anything that will mess with my insulin sensitivity. I know beer messes with it so that’s why I’m hesitant about introducing it to my food.

Any info will be greatly appreciated!


I don’t how how much of the beer makes it into the meat. Probably not much to worry about in the big picture. I wouldn’t sweat it.


awesome, I didn’t think it would be a problem but wasn’t sure.
thanx for the info.


As a side note, meat also works really well with Tequila, lime juice, cilantro, and any other spices. I’ve used it for Mexican meat marinating before and the result has been awesome. It may or may not reduce the calories, but it could reduce carbs and/or gluten content.