Manual Labor During V-Diet?

I work at a kayak shop, which, I know doesnt sound terribly physically involved, but it is… It’s basically GPP.

Anyway, I want to do the V-Diet and was wondering how negative (if at all), would be having a job like this while doing it?

I generally work 10 hour days, three or four days of the week.

To do my best to counteract catabolism, I’d take 5g of BCAA’s inbetween shakes, even on off days. I’d obviously be on the HRX, but I may do 2 HRX/2 Carbolin 19 morning/afternoon dosages if I’m having trouble sleeping. I also would plan on taking Z-12 for even better rest, and would consider taking TRIBEX if you suggested. (Although, I am only 20… I doubt I’d need it.)

Also, what are your thoughts on upping the calories on work days a little bit like 5-10%? I know it would compromise overall fatloss, but if you think it’d be minor, I wouldnt mind.


I doubt there’s a need to up your calories.

Funny, random thought: 50% of all V-Dieters try to find ways to increase calories. The other 50% try every way possible to DECREASE calories even more.

You crazy, crazy people.

RR, just skip the NEPA walks in work day. Simple enough.

EDIT: Sorry – your question made me think of one of my own, RR, but then I blabbed on with a bunch of others. Don’t want to hijack your thread – should probably start my own.

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