Mandatory Workout During V-Diet

I am joining the Marines and once a month my recruiting station and all the pooles (young people enlisting) meet up and have to do a mandatory workout. It happens to be this saturday 2/9. It is usually a lot of cardio and I was wondering how this fits in with the Velocity Diet.

I will be wrapping up week 3 at that point and am concerned at the intensity of the workouts we have done in the past. (People were passing out at one of the functions and they had to stop the event). Basically is there anything I can do, missing it is not an option, or just go and do what I can? Any advice is welcome because I have no idea what I should do.

I don’t think this is a big problem since it’s just one workout, although a tough one with a lot of cardio most likely.

If you can, time your weekly HSM to come the night before the session on Friday, assuming it’s a morning workout on Saturday. Have some extra carbs in that meal: sweet potato, rice etc.

Before the workout, have half a serving of Surge; after have the other half. I’d prefer Surge Workout Fuel but Recovery will work in a pinch.

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