Making Sure To Do It Spot On

I’ve been thinking about doing the V-Diet. Actually, I just want to clarify some things that could be misinterpreted before ordering the goods. These might seem a little silly, but here are my questions:

  1. During the 2 week transition phase, do we still continue with the supplements, workouts, v-day challenge and NEPA? If so, Does our initial product order include these two weeks worth of protein and supplements?

  2. Is there a particular day the HSM needs to be, Saturday or Sunday?

  3. On the V-Diet calculator it gives you a calorie and macro break down, does this data take into account the supplements or extras (natural pb, fiber, etc…) with calories and macros?

  4. For the workouts, it says total reps 40, medium weight (8-9RM). Would this be 5x8?? Or perform 5x8 until it gets really really difficult and I shit a brick, and continue with as many sets as I need to get done to complete the rest of the 40 reps??

  5. Are amazing results contingent upon the amount of fat mass you have? Basically, is it more likely you’ll see radical results the fatter you are? Meaning, someone with a larger amount of lean body mass wont reap as many noticeable physical changes. I don’t know if I’m making sense now. Lol.

  6. Does it matter which day you start? I’m guessing you begin on a workout day.

  7. NEPA is done everyday, right? (except v-challenge day)

  8. If you can’t make a workout on a designated workout day, will it detrimental if you put two workout days back to back to essentially catch up. Or is it better to just suck it up that you missed a workout?

I think that’s it. I know those are a lot of questions. But If someone could clarify these, it would greatly appreciated!

Welcome aboard!

Chris may chime in here, but I would recommend reading the “Ask Chris: V-Diet 3.0” and “V-Diet Training: Q&A” threads that are stickied.

It’s a bit of reading, but you’ll get answers to just about all these questions and lots more.

Also, reading through the whole plan a couple times really helps, most the answers are there too.

Best wishes for your success!

Yeah, I have to agree with the previous poster. Do some reading, then get back to us when you’ve rounded that down to a couple of questions that maybe we haven’t covered several times already. Then, we’ll be glad to help out.

I am expanding the FAQ though, so maybe that’ll help.

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