Making Shakes Ahead of Time?

I have yet to tote around bottles and bottles of protein shakes and simply want to be prepared for when I start the V-Diet. There is a chance I could prepare more shakes than normal when I do some short traveling. How long can a bottle of Metabolic Drive mixed with water sit unrefrigerated?

I would treat it like food, if it smells funny, dont eat/drink it. But why not just leave the powder in your shaker unmixed and simply add water when you intend on drinking it?

I anticipate some traveling and would like to avoid trying to measure and mix when I’m on the road. Stopping at the random convenience store for bottled water doesn’t seem appealing either. Pre-mixing shakes in the morning or the night before seems to be the most effecient way to do the diet. I just don’t want to waste any because I’m broke, this stuff is expensive, and I plan on following the diet perfectly.

Then I think your best bet would be to invest in a cooler

I used a cooler if I had this situation.

Little “snack size” ziploc bags pre-portioned, a small funnel, recycle the water bottle throughout…you can have fresh shakes as long as you put in some prep time

gnc makes something just for this, theres a screwoff cap on the bottom to store your powder, and then you can keep the water in the bottle, then just unscrew the bottom, and add it in and shake. But a better solution I think would just be carrying the powder in a shaker and having a couple premeasured water bottles with you.

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