Maintenance Schedule?


Chris regarding the maintenance schedule after you are on Mag-10, Anaconda and Indigo for 8 wks. i would like to continue taking Indigo and i guess you just take it before you work out…RIGHT? Also i have been reading about Plazma on the website i guess you can’t just order it by itself, it comes with a program etc etc.

  1. Maintenance dose of Indigo-3G is 6 capsules once per day. If it’s a training day, take before training. Otherwise, take before your biggest meal.

  2. Not quite. Plazma is sold only with Indigo-3G as a package deal. The Reactive Pump program is something separate and optional.


So how much is the cost of the package deal with Indigo-3G and Plazma?


Disregard i SEE the link with the answer to my question… THANK YOU for the FEEDBACK Chris.