Maintaining Motivation with Desired Results

Hey everyone, would appreciate your advice on my situation. I started V-Diet relatively lean and with modest goals: burning enough fat to make my abs pop again and to reveal the muscle I’ve added over the course of the past year. I’m measuring progress based on mirror because focusing on the scale numbers has messed me up in the past.

Week 1, I executed 100% perfectly, except for the night of my HSM on which I had multiple shots of tequila at a party. That booze did set me back a little from the day before, but still made excellent progress in mirror for the week as a whole.

Week 2, is finishing today with 90% compliance. I stayed away from booze, but did have 4 or 5 low carb HSMs during the course of this week. Have made excellent progress. Jeans that had been a little tight before, I’m now fitting into easily and the outlines of my abs are definitely in. I feel awesome: lean, muscular, and strong and don’t really know that I want to be that much leaner-maybe burn another 2 or 3 pounds. With 2 more weeks of 100% execution I will be cancer patient lean and will look much smaller.

I feel like I can get the results I want with either 2 weeks at 90% or 1 week at 100% and focusing on the specific V-Diet training instead of my own (still intense) workouts.

What mindset do you guys recommend I use: 1) go 90% for 2 weeks OR 2) go 100% for 1 week with the goal of finishing in 3 weeks?

If you feel you’re nearing your goal quickly and won’t need a full 28 days, then you can also consider doing 1 HSM per day, which is sounds like you’ve been kinda doing anyway. Seems to be working. Just don’t let the booze slips turn into progress stoppers which then turn into regression mechanisms.

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