spartan22 asks:

If I’m already taking protein, creatine, and vitamins, can I add Mag-10 in or do I have to take any of my current stuff out?


It really depends on how much MAG-10 you’re considering adding, and whether the current diet is really fine tuned or not.

Most lifters can immediately incorporate MAG-10 into their workout nutrition with absolutely no need to adjust the rest of the diet.

On the other hand, a person might already have a diet that’s really dialed in on total calories, protein, and carbs. And they decide to take MAG-10 say three times a day.

In that case, absolutely, readjust the rest of the diet to account for MAG-10 providing much of what is needed.

On vitamins or creatine, there’s never a need to adjust on account of MAG-10.