MAG-10/Whey Question


I just ordered MAG-10, Plazma, and Indigo after doing a lot of reading and research and decided to buck up and get all 3.

My question has to do with the amounts for whey protein and MAG-10 post workout. I usually workout around 7 pm and post workout have a whey protein shake with milk and a meal (chicken or beef w/ carbs (white rice, potatoes and vegetable)). Since I am now going to be taking MAG-10 2 or 3 times a day and once post workout, I am wondering what would be the proper plan.

Should I stick to what I have been doing and just add in a dose of MAG-10 an hour after training? Lose the whey protein? When else should I use MAG-10? In the morning? Pre-workout as well? I weight train 4 days a week using 5/3/1. Main focus is strength. Thanks.


One of the great things about <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 is that there’s never a “bad” time for a serving: between meals, post-workout, during metcon/cardio work, middle of the night, before bed, first thing in the AM etc. All of those times have been used by Mag-10 fans with success.

In your situation, there’s really no need for the whey post-training if you’re having Mag-10. Just have a solid meal after that. So, workout then Mag-10 then a solid meal.

Thanks for the help. Excited to test it out.

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