MAG-10 vs. Protein Powder Post W/O?


So currently I’m using Surge Workout Fuel as directed (pre/intra/finish up post). Since I train first thing in the a.m. I usually eat a Finibar as well. After I’m finished I’ll either have a protein shake with breakfast or eat a Finibar.

My question is whether I should consider replacing my post Protein shake with MAG-10? And perhaps I’m putting too much thought in to this.

Thank you.


I would, in the case of leaving pre and during workout nutrition the same. I’d of course used protein shakes or MRP products for very many years, then found Surge Recovery to be a quite substantial improvement over that and used that for many years, and then found MAG-10 to be a quite substantial improvement over that.

Where I wouldn’t necessarily do it is that where the pre and during-workout nutrition already has Plazma or MAG-10, then I don’t find it a major difference what I do post workout. So I could be happy with your present PWO nutrition if I were doing that, but that’s not your question; it’s included only to be more complete.


I greatly appreciate it Bill. Thank you.


You’re very welcome!