Mag-10 vs. Metabolic Drive


What is the difference between these 2 products? What are the pros/cons to using one or the other? Can you take both as part of supplement program? Thanks


In a nutshell, they’re different sources of protein. Metabolic Drive is a blend that’s designed to be slower digesting, so you feel full longer. Mag-10 has fast-absorbing to the aminos get into your system almost immediately. It also contains some fast-acting carbs, so it can double as a type of workout nutrition, especially during conditioning workouts.

This article goes in-depth covering the different reasons behind different types of protein.

Metabolic Drive can be more of an actual meal replacement-type shake, especially because it can be blended up with things like milk or fruit, to make some higher calorie drinks. Mag-10 works best between meals as a “protein pulse” (explained here) or it can be used right after training to speed up recovery.

There’s no real “con” to using them. The only real issue is that Metabolic Drive isn’t ideal around training because it’s absorbed slowly and you want to flood the body with nutrients ASAP around workouts.

Definitely. The overall context of your daily diet, your training, and your goals should dictate what you use and when, but there’s no problem using them a part of the same plan.

For example, a Metabolic Drive shake with breakfast and then Mag-10 during an afternoon workout would be fine. Totally common practice and no problem.